Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter Vicki who has leukemia she also takes care of her elderly parents,, she is under a lot of stress,, she is very caring and we appreciate her so much, thank you her mother,

Please pray for my 4 grandchildren
All going their own way
Pray please for dreams and visions and serious born again experiences.
Adam, Emily, Dylan and Autumn
Thank you and bless you.

I frequently ask you for prayer. The situation with my sons, cris and cory,
has not gotten better. I am so unhappy and depressed. Does God really care about us. He seems far away. Please pray for us.

Thank you God for being in my life and loving me. Thank you for the huge plans You have for my life. Thank you for being with me every second of everyday. God I know that I am not in the right profession. Selling health benefits is not my passion. I pray that You help lead me to a career where I can inspire others, bring joy, hope, love, and peace to others, and be able to bring in my love of walking and how I changed my life for the better. God, I pray that I become financially independent, secure, stable, and comfortable. That I become a lender instead of a borrower. I pray for a home of my own. God please help me be able to find a career and become financially independent by the end of August. I pray that I am able to erase all debts and become financially abundant. I know that You have big things in store for me. Please show me what You want me to do and how You want me to become a light in the light of others. Please help me start my book. I hand everything over to you.

I have congestive heart issues and can hardly breath, please pray that God will manifest healing in me, God bless

in need of prays finances, health and home

Please pray for me as I continue with God's help to battle Lyme disease along with undiagnosed knee and hip problems...pray that the doctors can help me to I can return to teaching in the fall. Have been ill all summer.

I just would like if everyone can say a prayer for my Aunt Chitty, she is 89 years old and she is dying of cancer. I just want her not to be scared and to think only of leaving this life and living in heaven with Jesus and Mary. When I slept over her house she always said prayers to the Blessed Mother before bed. I just want her to leave this world holding their hands. Thank You all God Bless

I have a wonderful friend, Jeoffrey , who is a believer, but has struggled with alcohol addiction for many years and is giving up his will to live. Please pray for healing and that I could be a true friend to him. Thank you.

Please pray for my son Christopher who is working on his sobriety. He is trying to live his life making good, positive decisions and I pray that he will look to God to make the right choices. I Am praying for Gods guidance in seeking a new job that has me where he best sees fit. Thank you for your prayers.