Pray for Others

Please pray for Elizabeth who is suffering complications following surgery.

Please pray for Elizabeth .

Please pray for Marie .

Please pray for Marie.

I pray for the man I am seeing...that he will give his fears to God and trust God...then trust me.

Please pray for Haylee, one of her friends is trying to get her to move in with her. This girl has a live in boyfriend that is out of control. Please Father remove these people from her life . Put headge of protection around her to keep her eyes on you Lord. Please send Haylee in the direction of Godly people that will not bring her down. Send Angels to watch over her in her car keeping her from accidents and tickets Father please hear my prayers . Please help me find good homes for the 3 kittens I rescued . In Jesus name I pray Amen.....

For Jason, 39yr old father and husband a good full time job to provide for his family and future. Hopefully with other strong believers.

Thank You Lord for all your blessings. Please help me to serve you.
I do not have cancer in Jesus name. Amen.

Please let Drew be healthy & no heart problems and gets over his anxiety .
Thank you.

I have been hurting in lower part of stomach please pray god will heal what ever the problem maybe. Thank you