Pray for Others

Please pray for a job interview by the end of the year 2015. AMEN

I ask others to stand with us to seek refuge and assistance for our less fortunate fellow-men and women during this Holiday Season!!!.

Requesting immediate prayer and interceeding on my mothers behalf in antigua, who fainted and is on drips...Please pray for her healing in Jesus name. Thank you

Yvonne needs a kidney transplant to save her young life. Pray for hope and the right match for her. Give her peace.

Please pray for Nathan .

Please pray about finding a bettermorelucrative career. I need a fulltime job that works with my family life. Pleasehelp with my finances. Thank you

My spouse and I have been praying and trying for a baby all year- my prayer is that by this Christmas I'll be pregnant and able to tell my mom that her first grandchild is on the way. I'm a US Combat veteran and I've been through a lot physically - I am asking God to bless my family with child so that I can raise her to be a strong warrior for Jesus. Thanks for your prayers. God bless you!
Also prayers for healing of my body - and my spouses' body by faith we are both pain free in Jesus name!

In jesus name please God restore my relationship with my ex girlfriend Suzz
In jesus name

Pray Heidi get a 3rd shift on bus line or close to home

Wish I felt better