Pray for Others

Please join me in praying for my "adult" children, ages 27,24,21,20. Sarah is living with boyfriend and becoming more liberal. Emily is not walking with the Lord. Catherine is in seeking God's will so she needs direction for her future. Robert is NOT walking with God but he knows better. Praying God will put people/friends in their paths and that our adult children will repent and choose holiness/righteousness and desire to walk in the "light of the Lord".

Teeth to be strong and healthy and to restore what I have lost. Thank you Jesus,!

My sister Lottie has asked for prayer to completely quit smoking. She knows the Lord will help her. She wants to be set free from the nicotine addiction. Thank you and God bless.

Revival in All Nations

Please pray for me My knee is very painful. doctor says I have osteo arthritus. havent had sleep in weeks and cant walk .thank you

Please pray for my mom, Alice, who has gone to Heaven.
We miss her so much.
Thank you.

please pray that the electrican I called will come and find the cause of my smoke alarms constantly going off. It seems its every couple of months and they have to be replaced.. no one else that I know of has to replace the batteries as often as I do.. and I understood that battery operated were to be a back up in case of a power outage.. my alarms are hard wired so I don't understand this constant problem . please pray that he will find the cause and not delay in getting back to me.. thank you for all your prayers and support.

please pray for my grandson Jim that he will do well on 2 college finals tomorrow. Jim works part time and school is not easy for him ,yet he tries and studies diligently.. please pray that the Holy Spirit will infuse Jim with wisdom and knowledge and that he will remember all that he has been taught and apply it correctly.. thank you for all your prayers and support.

please pray for peace america

Please pray the LORD will help me to overcome evil with good.