Pray for Others

My father found a buyer for his house in I. who requested a fast closing. My father packed up and moved to G. to be closer to my brother and his family. He found the perfect townhouse very close to my brother. Now, the closing that was supposed to happen on the house in I. still hasn't happened sincer the buyers' loan keeps being delayed. My father is in danger of losing the townhouse in G., not to mention the earnest money and other potential repercussions from the sellers of the G. townhouse. Please pray the the I. buyers' loan is approved very soon. Thank you.

My job bought me up on bogus charges.
Please pray I come out on top and don't lose my job

Please pray for Natalie - .

please pray for GOD to take care of kayli,she just got locked up for something i do not think is her fault.please pray for GOD to give her peace and faith in Him for everything.thank you

To heal him with cancer and for his salvation

Pray that God directs the Management team of my office as to the right place that will work out well for me and my family within my Organization.

Father help my son Denis to make wise & right decisions. He feels unsettled in the moment as various people want him to be involved in their ministry, but he needs to hear from you where you want him to be involved. I pray he will not allow the enemy to destroy valuable friendships & commitments. Protect him from all evil in Jesus name.

Please pray for my granddaughter who is in jail. Pray that when her Mother goes to get her out on bail at 1% that the bailsbondsman will not give her a hard time because of the amount she is putting down. Most bonds are for 10% of the bail but this particular one accepts 1% which is all she can afford. I understand that this company does not have the best reputation for following thru and I pray that all goes smooth with her. Also pray that my granddaughters path in life gets better and better. Thank you.

Gr-nephew Chris--age 35-committed suicide by hanging self on 7-14-15 was not found until 7-21-15 by ex-girlfriend Amber. Family devastated. Need spiritual strength & healing especially for Amber & parents who were financially supporting him. Has 9 yr old daughter Ava who lives with her re-married Mom. His sister Krystal & brother Scott also need strength for the journey. Me too!

My nephew Dusty fell off of a house and is in critical condition . I am praying for healing for him.