Pray for Others

Please Pray that God will Guide me to the Job that perfect for me, a man that's perfect for me, that I pass my midterm, and God helps my personality that I change from someone that's laughed at to someone that people laugh with!
Thank you for your Prayers

I need prayers in every area of my life. I need wisdom and understanding to help me navigate through school and life. I need the favor of God upon me.

Prayers for my daughter, Ivy. She's had a rough week. The guy she'd been dating since right before Christmas decides he doesn't want to talk anymore, 4 days before Valentine's. Said he was too stressed and didn't want a relationship.. He'd been texting her regularly everyday for over two months, calling her beautiful, that he liked her, to out of the blue nothing. They would aee each other at least twice a weeek too. He's 23... she's 19. She's hurt., and worse thee was no closure, she did see this coming. ( Her first high school love actually broke up with her 4 days before Valentine's day 4 years ago. So this seems so dejuvu almost. I'm so sad for her. Please pray for her. That tomorrow, being Valentine's day will go smoothly. That she will find her smile and laughter again. That she will move forward. That Aaron will see how he's hurt her and that he was wrong for leading her on. Pray that Ivy will trust God's plan and stay positive. That He will surround her with love and supportive friends.

Please pray for me. I might be getting a migraine. Thanks, In Jesus Holy Name! Amen

Please join us in praying that Father God will help sell our house as fast as possible. We need to get the money out in order to complete the contract for a different home by April 1st. The other place is a farm in the country and it has been our heart's desire to live in the country and it all fell in our laps and we believe it is God showing us to move there, but this current house needs to sell very quickly for the whole thing to stay together. I pray it sell this weekend! Please bring the buyer, Lord. Thank you! Thank you, Heavenly Father for bringing us peace at this time and a buyer.

Its hard when your the only one trying to make your Marriage work I buy her all the chocolates the flowers and everything with nothing in return not even a thank you would be nice

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to build a stronger and loving relationship with my daughter Christina today and everyday thank you

Please pray that God will send Mackey S a good paying job. Aso please pray that God will work miracles in Mackey & Paula S-'s lives so that their lives will be so pleasing to God that he will make even their enemies live @ peace with them. For God's Honor & glory Amem

Please pray for Cathy.

Please pray for Madhav Sher .