Pray for Others

Please pray for Chloe.

Please pray for Kim. She suffers from a mental illness and needs healing. She thinks negative spirits are tormenting her. Please pray for her

Need help... Insomnia! Only sleep with medication.
Pray for relationships with PB and John and Dan Let God touch us! Pray for good bond soon!

Please pray for Randy and keep him safe and help him overcome what he is going through

Praise God Thank you Jesus. Please pray the courts will work with me and will dismiss the case it has over a year I think I have learned and ready to start a clean start what ever will is Thank you Jesus in Jesus's name Amen!

My son Jimmy is going through depression right now. Please pray for God to bring him out of it. Please also pray that he feels a strong desire to be more involved with his son and daughter, Brayden and Jessika. Their mother wants to move out of state with him. Pray she finds peace and stays where she is for her sake and my grandchildrens' sake. She is going through a lot herself. Thank you.

Please pray for Denise to be healed. She's in the hospital now and doctors don't know what's wrong. Please pray to our Master Healer to tend to her, in Jesus name,

Please pray for a lawsuit that I'm involved with. Pray that it ends positively and quickly and nobody gets hurt through the process. Lots of ugliness. I just want it over.
Thank you.

Please pray for me (To be a blessing at work and help me with my relationship with Rick).

Please pray for Maranda guide, bless and keep her safe .