Pray for Others

My husband is truly being mean to me.

Please pray for healing for Denise and Tonya. Thank you and God bless

Prayer is requested for depression I am experiencing right now as I prepare to travel to O. to finalize a car that I found and negoitated online and over the phone. I had to take my trade in to get a new battery and have the vehicle checked over. One person at the dealership here where I bought my trade in said he thought it was a bait and switch. I told him that you all had prayed and everything was going well. That God was answering the prayers and the lights were green with this trade/deal in O. But now I am in conflict mentally battling an imaginary scenario. I should not have ever told the dealership I was trading in the car out of state, it upset several people. I thank God for His grace in this matter and accept His gifts to me out of His Great Love, for when I was an enemy of His, He loved me first and gave Himself. He has shown me great Love, Mercy, Kindness, Joy and Peace in my short life time and has given me Great vision. I think others are upset to see His Grace on my life.

my daughter Mary -, is a 4th year Dental student, who will graduate next month.
She will take her Licensing Dental board Exams May 10-14.
pray that Mary will find qualified patients who have specific dental work, for the tests. pray the patients will arrive at the appoint on time, they will be calm and Mary will complete the work and the Dentists will pass her on the exams.
Pray mary will be able to sleep, not be anxious, stay calm and focused in these weeks before the licensing exam.
Thank you very much.

Hi, I'm encountering something very stressful right now that I need help with. And I really want blessings in a relationship. Thanks so much.

Relationships with family members is null and void. Help me to accept this with grace and love.

My son has tried for years to find a better paying job. He and his family struggle to live pay to pay. He and his wife lift the situation to the Lord in prayer daily. Today, once again, he had his hopes shattered with another potential job denied. He has come to believe that God is punishing him and his family and feels hopeless. He has struggled with bipolar disorder and depression and this financial situation only seems to allow Satan to manipulate his mind. Please pray for him to feel God's peace, have patience for God's will and to free him of Satan's stronghold.

Please Lord Jesus Help My Dad To Live A Long Time. I Need Him. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Please Lord Jesus Help Me With All My Situations. Let Their Be No Problems. Speak Peace To These Things Jesus. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Praying for the financial assistance we need for our three boys' tuition. Many thanks and much love, Amen.