Pray for Others

Pray God's desire in furtherance (to engagement then marriage) or dissolution of 1 1/2 year relationship. Please ask God to give boldness and assurance of approval to move forward or not. We both need the sanctification marriage offers. Pray for protection and power to endure God's call.

Hi, I need a miracle I need $193.88 by 8:00 pm. tonight it's 3:45pm. right now I'm 58 yr.s and am on SSi so I have a fixed income. I've asked my 3 son's for help, I asked my brother Louie but he said no ask my kid's so please pray and that I have faith and in the future be a much better stewart with the money the Lord jesus Christ gives me. Praise God and thank u 4 your prayers.

For solutions for excess ear wax to drain out, dry up blow away, from ear canals, perfect hearing restored, EYESears/sinuses all moist & cleared, all head esp RIGHT SIDE of SKULL&NECK PAIN GONE, UPPER R REAR TOOTH healed! realignment & healed MID-upper back, RIBS! Pain gone! healed & SHAKES STOP R FOOT, & R arm, incl bones, tissues, blood vessels, feet legs head neck, for healthy tissue bounceback resiliency to floors, enuf REST SLEEEP SLEEP healed STOMACH positive energies ONLY, Praise God!

Please pray for me (Ferl).

Need prayer for my niece Brooklyn is being physically And verbal abuse and my father trying to send our way because she reported them

I know a girl named Tasha who is going through a deep depression and has an abusive boyfriend. She is not currently walking with God and I would like prayer for that as well. I feel God has an anointing waiting for her and that he can strengthen her mind, heart and life in him. Please pray for her! Thank you and Yehovah God bless each and every one of you who pray for her! Thank YOU!

On 10/15/15 @ 11:00 A.M. I am going to have bopsies taken of abnormal tissue on the wall of my bladder. The tissue will be sent to a lab and I will find out the results sometime the next week. Please pray for my complete healing and a loog lab report.
Thank you very much,

For my wife. Michele, to fight her addiction to nicotine and marijuana. Thanks.

For our daughter, Katie, to fight her addiction to nicotine and marijuana and get healthy, mentally and physically and emotionally. Thanks.

Prayer is requested for our business relationship with S. H. of N. A shpment was damaged and they will not return my calls or messages about this damage or receiving credit for damaged goods. We have a pretty good working relationship with S. H./N. which makes this awkward that our rep is not returning our calls and or messages. Your agreeing with us that God will turn this around is greatly appreciated. In Jesus Name thank you