Pray for Others

Please pray for a financial miracle for me and my family. Thank you and may God bless you.

Please pray for my Dad, he has to have open heart surgery. At least a triple bypass and a heart valve replacement. He also was just diagnosed with diabetes. We are waiting for results from a bone marrow test because his platelets are low. Thank you and God bless you.

Dear Lord hear my prayer. I pray to get out of debt. Making minimum payments only will not get me out of debt. I pray for an extra $500 monthly. And a miracle to pay it all right away. I know Lord you have financial abundance for me. Please release it to me. I am ready to receive. Thank You Guardian Angels, Angels, God, for hearing my prayers and getting me this far. I am here to keep praying, knocking on the kingdom doors, to release the abundance stored for me, as I am worthy and deserving of your love, and I am ready to recieve. Increased income and a financial miracle, Thank You to all those that pray for me. Amen.

Please pray for Our Lord to be involved in every aspect of my business. May Our Lord help me make the right decision about how long to do this work. It's a blessing but really isn't "fun" right now. Everything has it's season and life has its ups and downs. Since I'm a bit down on this work, I am very grateful for your prayers. Thank you.

For my husband to find a real permanent good job with fringe benefits, health plan and good salary very quick.

My brother -n-law Rodney- is in the hospital with pneumonia the fever keep going up and down and he's on dialysis for kidney failure I'm asking for Prayer for him that he make a speedy recovery he is such a loving and kind man awesome husband and father and the world Greatest Grandfather

Peace be in this ministry. The kingdom of God is here. Pls Pray:
-- I need $$ for food, etc. ASAP!
-- Bobby is out of $$ for food & gasoline until Nov 03.
-- Gil shoulder healed instead of surgery

Please join me in prayer? My marriage is failing. I sometimes feel desperate and alone. I desire for our marriage to be saved. Please help me ? Please pray for my marriage? I love my husband and he loves me but he wants a divorce. He says he can't get past the hurts I caused him. I am needing his forgiveness. Please ask God to soften his heart and give him hope that our marriage could thrive. Thanks very much.

Please pray for my friends who are struggling with serious health issues. May Our Lord bless them with hope and patience as HE heals them. They are: Bob, Marcy, Phil, Linda, Pat, Larry, Rosie, Burdine, Bette-jo, Helen, Kathy, Roberta, Mary, Ben, Loren, Kelli, Austin, Paula, Peggy, Jo, Ernie, Irene, Meg, Kay, Heather and Ales. Also please pray for their caregivers. Thank you!

My sister (Sherry) desperately needs physical healing, she has Parkinson's, and other health problems, please pray for her. THANK YOU!