Pray for Others

Please pray for a good resolution to our roof issue
Thank you
God bless you

my son-in-law, Remi -, needs more work @ F. I. R. h. s.

Thanks for your prayers. Please pray for my family, Safety- Protection , Doris, Marinda, Joyce, Sanderia, Anthony, Michael, Pam, Chris, April, Xerell -. And Xxavier, Shantel ,Nathanael, Ethan, Jordun, Zia -. And God's Amazing Grace.

My husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 4 years ago and now has acute luckemia . We will not not for sure until next week if it can be treated. Please pray for him. Thank you, thank you.

Please pray for me (Phyllis).

Lord God I'm working on self respect and confidence. I would like to subconsciously smile more, have better posture, to focus on the best not the worst, to be confident in my body, help me to appreciate flaws, help me to express myself, help me be excited, to exercise, help me with my movement/body language, to be kind, help me to not try to hard, to not act my age, to be more creative, to inspire, with positive thoughts, help me to see myself through the eyes of love, help me to connect with nature, help me listen and write beautiful music. Help me to make love and keep it at that when I'm married. Help me with my style and to wear clothes well. To hug often, to get enough sleep, to dance, to have a beautiful mind, to be outgoing, do physical work, to take care of my teeth, to create beauty around me, cook good food, reduce stress, and to express gratitude. Also help me to be more desirable for marriage. I pray that you pour out these in abundance on me and on the people that need these the most in my life in Jesus name!

Sisters with stage 4 cancers currently in treatment...both ill last 10 plus years....asking our Lord for quidance in our healing journey as living with chronic cancer

Please pray vigilantly for my daughter Alissa to be healed of her pains and afflictions in body, mind, and spirit. Pray please God, please Jesus, please all the heavens, have mercy and cast out endless torment and pain. Pray that she opens her heart and mind up to God's endless love and to have faith and hope that he is with her always and that he has good plans for us. Things will work out. Thank you so much. God Bless!

Urgent prayer. Please pray for Kerry who's blood sugar is very high. He just passed out.... He needs to go to the hospital. Please pray he can get it under control now. He is in remission from cancer and is afraid it is coming back. Thank you for praying!!!!

Please pray for my family. Over 2 years ago our kids were removed and place in foster care with my sister. My wife, Danielle, suffered much abuse as a child and one day snapped and hurt our daughter. She self reported and we have been trying to get them back ever since. About six months ago she told me she wanted a divorce so we separated. We both spiraled into drug abuse and she into numerous adulterous and often abusive relationships. I moved away to get clean and have been for more than 60 days. She is still in active addiction and in and out of relationships and danger. She had a powerful and intimate relationship with God for many years but has drifted far from Him. She needs that again. Please pray for us all!