Pray for Others

Please stand in the gap for us at crucial point in our life and second marriage purchase of home together, complete mingling of households -mortgage, down payments needed to be lower and within our target range and sale of our current properties to bring profit in next month. Ask God of divine intervention. And simple PEACE over all and through it all. THANKS for your PRAYERS

My daughter Jill is in a physical abusive relationship. She wants out of this relationship. She wants to come home but she is afraid to leave because this guy told her if she left he would hurt Jill's son and his family.

Please pray for Please Pray for my Grandma. She is having the fluids drained from her lungs tomorrow..

This is a Praise report, we serve an awesome and powerful God I asked for prayer for Alyssa she is 34 weeks pregnant and second hospital stay for gallstones she has passed stone and will no longer need surgery. Thank you all for your prayers and your service

God help me to let go and trust.. From the bottom of my heart I give you this issue ..I need it to relax and enjoy my me not think of the past but stay present ..thank you for softening my loves heart each day and expressing love more freely... Amen

BARBARA – IN A HOSPICE BED IN A HOSPITAL. Serious respiratory issues. Please pray for no pain or suffering … that her passing will be peaceful. Please pray for her daughter who is worried and exhausted to have peace also… the peace of GOD. THANK YOU!

I am requesting prayer for help with direction and guidance. Due to financial issues that will not make the deadline tomorrow, I will have to drop out of college, and give up driving my car. I am not able to pay the car insurance. I have been desperately seeking help with applying for employment since last October. I have no options available to me.

Please please pray for my husband. That GOD would take away his GROPING, sexual talking,always talking and wanting sex!!!! Please!!! Also pray for my young granddaughters that are so mean to my 2 other granddaughters. My daughter always bring them food but those other ones are stingy. Sad thing is I constantly am helping them and I mean nothing to them. They use me. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayers for Brian, wife & children to all come to know Jesus and find a good church home. Retired, he always volunteers at our school. Give them God's wisdom with bureaucratic & corruption challenges, and continue to help our youth. To God be the Glory. Amen

Please let Bob get well.