Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Mark).

Please pray for protection for Lea. Father we give You praise. Please be with Lea & protect her from harm. Bless Lea with Love & success. We thank You for what You're doing in Lea's life. In Jesus precious and Holy name. Thank you for your prayers, bless you all.

I am very sensitive to drugs. I have restless legs, and they are trying the last drug they have to help me. I have had some reaction to the new drug and I pray the Lord will relieve this reaction and the drug will be successful in helping me. If this is not possible, I pray the Lord will give me the knowledge I need to find relief from this condition. Without a drug, I can have these terrible symptoms twenty four hours nonstop. Thank you for your prayers.

please pray for Carol who went in on wed for a simple heart procedure and has developed an infection. please pray for the right medication to heal this infection and for a complete and speedy recovery. please pray for Bjorn who has had his stomach removed to avoid cancer.. please pray for his complete recovery his is a young man who does a lot for the children in his community. please prayers for a complete recovery and no cancer. thank you for all your prayers and support.

My husband is 68 years old and would like to leave his present employment and work somewhere where we would still have health coverage. His present employer is treating him and 6 other employees terrible trying to force them out instead of setting up a program for people to retire or at least treat them right. One minute they say everything is fine, and the next they call them in and humiliate them and try to wear them down. May the Lord preserve my husband's health (he is recovering from major surgery), and open a door where he may leave this employment and still be able to care for us. May we trust the Lord to handle this situation. We thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers.

Praise to God for my son's new job. I pray God will protect me from the legal attacks of malicious people and that the burden of the current costly action will be lifted so my family can go forth to serve the Lord.

My mother-in-law, Roberta, is 85 years old and has recently been taking care of her sister, Vera, who has developed dementia the last few years, but is much worse lately. My mother-in-law is suffering with Migraines, sounds in her ears and sciatica and they just discovered that at one time she suffered a TIA. The family is helping her with her sister, Vera, but the stress is affecting Mom's health. Please pray they will know what to do with Vera as the winter will soon approach and she is in the country and a distance from the family then. She will not let anyone stay with her. For healing, knowledge and trust in the Lord we pray for all concerned.

Please pray that Lee doesn't turn off the ac tonight it is supposed to stay in the 80° or higher tonight thanks

for my friend Orrasia; broke her back (still mobile but can't work), has superficial blood clots in legs, needs financial aid.
Me-that I would get a date for surgery ASAP - to take out Ovarian Cyst (cancerous?) as well as have a hysterectomy - so no future danger of Ovarian or Cervical Cancer - and that this won't be cancerous.
One friend had 3 types of cancer, given 6 mo. to live but died in 4, now 2 others in the same bldg. have only 6 mo. to live too! Lynda was a Christian but not sure about Jo or Pat!

Please pray that Kate find God and not be so rude and abusive to people especially her husband's kids and their families.