Pray for Others

We need to sell our 2 properties urgently in order find funds for construction of new house as well as meet other needs. With prayer.

My family is under great distress due to the evil actions of the enemies. They are after us through false court and police cases as well as spreading scandals. Kindly pray that their evil actions come to an end so that peace is restored to our home and life. All false court cases against us also ends. The Lord sends His angels to fight the enemies. With prayer.

Have osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease, diabetes and polyneuropathy in diabetes. Some days the pain and burning are very bad and take lots of medicine and stay in bed. Am 66 years old and want to enjoy more life. Please pray that God would heal me of the pain and debilitating that this disease causes.
Thank you and God Bless.

Dear Prayer Warriors, I need prayer. Husband of 9 yrs. is very controlling, I can't even talk, he says be quiet or let me FINISH when I try to say something. He talks nonstop so I never get to say anything. When he drives, he drives like a crazy person and if I say anything he gets upset. I don't mean to be a backseat driver but I am afraid. I try to be easy going but he is very difficult to live with. When I try to talk to him about my feelings he says you are always trying to start an argument. Also, he spends money we don't have and never gives me money or reluctantly gives me $5. He's on a power trip. We took in roommates to make ends meet since our rent went up $350/month. We live on Soc. Security. He treats room-mates bad too. I am ready to get a divorce but have no money to pay for it. I am disappointed, sad, discouraged. I get fed up and blast my husband, yelling etc. Then I feel bad.

May God grant me healing ASAP over the lightheadedness/dizzy symptoms of vertigo. His financial favor over my medical bills to be paid in full. The job He has hand picked for me at the place where I belong doing what he would have me doing. I dare to be be bold in believing Him to do the impossible, the unthinkable in my life....In Jesus name, Amen

Please pray for jeremiah-. he is behind house payments and bills due to medical reason.

Thanks and praise to God! Please pray for God's wisdom and guidance in this relationship; pray for blessings and love; pray for healing of depression/headaches; pray for equipping of energy/endurance/skill/memory/wisdom for work; pray for God to go before and lead to a new job; pray for filling with His Spirit of Hope, Joy and Self control. In the strong name of JESUS!

I have panic disorder with agoraphobia and am hoping to find a marriage partner that suffers from the same thing. Please ask God to bring us together on an online dating site I'm on.

Please pray for me (Kathy).

Dear Prayer Warriors, I so appreciate your prayer for me and our Holy Father has certainly heard your prayers for me. Now I come to ask for you to pray my prayer life will be strengthened and that my need to read and study God's Word will be my daily desire and that I will be so eager to rise early to spend the beginning of my day with Him. I so need to grow in the nurture and admonition of our Heavenly Father. I feel like a dry desert in my heart and I need my soul to be watered by my Heavenly Father's Word and make it my priority for each day. Thank you so much!