Pray for Others

Please ask our Heavenly Father to now bless me with the career opportunity which He has prepared for me. Not only has He has blessed me with the ability to raise my son to adulthood as a single mother without much help, aside from His guidance, He has blessed me with the ability to turn a one year high school education into an MBA. I am eternally grateful and only wish to do His will. Amen.

please pray for GOD to help donna,kayli,adam,ron,renay,bobby,me and all our family to pray for healing of our spirit,mind,body and soul and to help us to obey Him.thank you

Please pray for all who are lonely and hurting, especially during the holidays.

I may lose my financial aid, and asked my mother for help. There have been problems in the past with her holding things over me.

Please pray for God to make a way for me to immediately sell my home, make enough money from the sale to pay off my mortgage, lot rent, all taxes , utilities, insurance, an have enough to rent a small room and start over to a new and better life. I am extremely desperate for help. thank you , God bless you all for praying for me.

My job has been extremely busy, pressured as well as the fact that I have been given far too much work to accomplish in one day. I cried on the way home (and this isn`t the first time) on Friday, November 27th, 2015. The stress has been far too much for me. My anxiety level goes to levels that it shouldn`t. I contracted the shingles in February, 2015, due to the stress at work. Could you please pray for me.
My name is Debora. I have also submitted a transfer out to a different department, closer to home.
I have been told that the transfer will only go into effect if someone retires and-or passes away.
Thank-you for your prayers on my behalf.
Blessings, Debora.

Please pray for me (Susan Roach).

For guidance on raising my teenage son and making the right decisions. He is being rebellious and now threatens to go live with his Dad who has abused him in the past and does not spend any significant time with him. I need God's guidance on dealing with the situation for the best of my son and myself. Worrying all night about this.

Please pray for Mark who just ended a 10 year relationship. ( witch was good ) but he needs to find a girl who will steal his heart, be really good to him, and bring him back to church. Thank you!

Please pray for Lee! And me!