Pray for Others

For Marjorie who has been rehospitalized after heart surgery. For Donna with PTSD and fibromyalgia. And Lou recovering from liver surgery.

Please pray that Liz stops brunt enabled she keeps doing drugs and drinking her and her boyfriend caused the death of her baby by choosing drugs and leaving him unsupervised and fall down a flight of stairs he was only 21 months old. She is still drinking and doing drugs heavily. I dont want her around my kids until she can grow up and not bring her drug and drinking problems around them she needs to grow up she still has 2 kids she neglects that are older and suffer not having their baby brother anymore seeing her getting drunk and high with her boyfriend and fighting in front of them. Please pray she goes home early in the morning I dont want my kids around her right now my 7 and 4 year olds don't need to be brought into this nor does my 3 month old. Liz has been horrible to me for no reason just cuz she is mad at herself doesn't mean she can treat others the way she does. Liz go home get sober get a job grow up and take care of your kids lol

Please pray for me (Dana for health and no pain and no anxiety. Thank you! In Jesus' name! Amen!).

Please pray for me (Execerise for me).

Please pray for Bianca.

Please pray for Cole.

I firstly thank you for prayers answered, I kindly ask you to put this before the Lord for me in your prayers, I am being framed for what I haven't done at work, people are trying to frame me for not following work rules which is not it I fear not for the Lord is my Shepherd kindly please pray for me Amen in Jesus name I pray

Sara is 6 and is my great granddaughter. Her grandmother, Mary, has custody and she is very harsh and says hateful and hurtful things to this child. Sara stays with us every other weekend and tells me what's said. I tell her I'm so sorry and that she doesn't deserve that. I cannot talk to Mary because she will keep Sara away from us and Sara will be punished severely. I'm heartsick over this and feel so helpless. Please pray for all of us. That Mary somehow understands how damaging this is to a child. Thank you.

On May 5th I will be graduating from my CNA classes and a week later I will be taking my state exam. I have also been putting in applications to some places I would REALLY like to work at.
Please pray that I pass my state exam and that I am hired at a place that I feel that I would feel proud to work for and please pray that I make an excellent CNA to help the needy.

Please pray with me for my son Mark who is a Police Officer for God's protection and all the other Police Officers who has to work on the dangerous roads. Thank you