Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband, he was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I pray the Lord heals him and gives him peace and comfort. I pray the Lord takes away any fear he may have and I pray the Lord give the wisdom and knowledge to find a treatment. In Jesus Name.

Please pray for Jt and mike.

God thank You for loving me. Thank you for the huge plans you have for my life. Thank you for being with me every second of every day. Thank you for the countless blessings you keep pouring in to my life God thank You so much for Scott. You know how much I love him. Please let him start realizing how much I love him. Please help him recognize how much he loves me too and help him act on it. God please let him see I won't hurt him and help him not be afraid to ask me out. Thank you for continuing to put up barriers and road blocks on any paths that don't have us being lead to one another. I know in my heart that you have brought us together to love one another and become husband and wife. I trust in your plans and timing God. Thank you for Sherry and Scott's parents. Please help them reassure him and help him see the light. That we are the one the other has been waiting and asking for God You are the keeper of my heart. I know that You already have the answers. Thank you!

Please pray for healing for Walter and for me to have a safe blessed trip and for the ticket under two hundred.
Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for us, My son are suffering with anxiety and depression, due to illness and home, my son was diagnosed with cancer in July 2014 and his arm was paralzyed, I've had severe headaaches for almost a year, and stomach issues, keeeping me from helping him with his needs, dr. visits. some days I can't drive, to get groceries, and our medication, some the stress causes tension between so we fight and not good for us, pulling us apart, out pain very hard..

Please pray for Brian, who was a chief of police and was hit by a drunk driver and has back injuries. He has his license as a Private Investigator, but has had no work for several weeks. Please pray that God will provide the work that he needs. This is urgent. Thank you

Please pray for me that God will help me to find employment and meet my needs. I ask for peace during this time. I need a job to meet all of my obligations. I know he can do it with one touch.

Please pray for my marriage, thank you

Please pray for me and my family.

Next week my daughter and husband and family are driving me to visit family in my hometown. I have not seen these family members in a very long time. They are horrible drivers. Please pray for all of our safety and that God will keep me strong and well. I have cancer, but I have cried to the Lord, and I know He has great power and is the God of impossibilities and miracles. My faith and hope is in Him.