Pray for Others

On 10/15/15 @ 11:00 A.M. I am going to have bopsies taken of abnormal tissue on the wall of my bladder. The tissue will be sent to a lab and I will find out the results sometime the next week. Please pray for my complete healing and a loog lab report.
Thank you very much,

For my wife. Michele, to fight her addiction to nicotine and marijuana. Thanks.

For our daughter, Katie, to fight her addiction to nicotine and marijuana and get healthy, mentally and physically and emotionally. Thanks.

Prayer is requested for our business relationship with S. H. of N. A shpment was damaged and they will not return my calls or messages about this damage or receiving credit for damaged goods. We have a pretty good working relationship with S. H./N. which makes this awkward that our rep is not returning our calls and or messages. Your agreeing with us that God will turn this around is greatly appreciated. In Jesus Name thank you

Please pray for my husband to feel god peace, remove darkness from his heart and revive healing from God amen

Please pray for the elections in C. Thank-you!

**Please Pray, for my 38 yr. old Grandson & 38 yr. old Chelsey, who have a 2 month old baby girl, and have absolutely NO means of support financially, & have many strikes against them, for employment ! Thanks

Please pray for Barbara .

Would you please pray that I never consume alcohol or nicotine ever again starting today for the rest of my life?
God Bless!

▬Almighty GOD, I am grateful for for the daily blessings, given to me by Your "Grace", but I need Your "Favor" also.- Please!, have "Mercy" on me, listening my perennial & longtime petitions in prayer; I always ask for needs rather than greeds, and I believe they are according to Your "Will".- LORD, I am still expecting.▬