Pray for Others

Please pray for my friend , Linda, she is really having problems.

Please pray for our family
Mom shingles
Linda post open heart stroke
Dana health, Job, and desire for a husband
Daniel, Krystal, Owen Em guidance and. blessings
Be with me guide and protect
Be with repairs to our trailer and truck
God bless you

Please pray for Kimi for a healing of her mental illness

My lord I come to you for your help on behalf of my husband Ronald who have serious issue he flip for no reason high temper lord I pray whatever it is bothering him he would get over it lord ease help him to calm his spirit and bring clam in his heart and our home at this time lord help Ronald to make the best decision about his affair with Judy by separating from her for good lord I pray he would be at peace tonight and tomorrow and would stay at home until work on Friday lord I pray through Jesus Christ our lord and savior amen

Please pray for my dear friend and her relationship with her children. She is all alone and they have hurt her terribly this past year. She is a lovely lady and I have never seen adult children treat a loving Christian mother they way have. She would do anything for them. Please pray that they are reconciled.

Please pray for Lisa.

Please pray for Tonya.

Please pray for me (Jean).

Pray and believe with me for my son to get a good paying job. And also for him to realize that he can depend on the Lord. His name is Willie. Thank you.

Dear Lord Please help me land a position as a firefighter. As you know I am on the list and have had drug testing and the background interview. I beg that you allow me to join the fire department. I believe I will be an asset to the community.
Praise Jesus.