Pray for Others

Please pray for my sister she has had a very bad cold for over a week and coughing that gives her bad headaches please pray for it to go away and for her to get better

Please pray for my father Daniel - that he receives prompt healing from a stroke he suffered last September 20, 2015., that he may be able to eat my mouth soon and be freed from being tube fed., and that all negative thoughts or depressive thoughts leave his worried mind. My family and I pray that we can take him home soon. Thank you for your prayers during this difficult time

Please God help me and give me some answers. I am so discouraged with my life.

I feel like i was under attack spirtually and my marriage so i nee you help me to be strong so i need prayer

Please God I feel no hope for my future. Please let me know you have a wonderful plan for my life. I keep praying but I never get answers.

it took til almost 50 years old to experience the terrible things I have always heard about from others and other families. for me to loose a career after a decade, for me to not have a boyfriend nor any prospects in site, for me to have family members in high places but still won't/don't help me when I need it the most. strangers reach out and help more. it has taken until im almost 50 to experience this kind of depression and lowness in my life. most days im in such despair and cry at the drop of a dime. its hard to hold on. life is really hard. all my attempts just seem to fail and it becomes harder and harder to keep trying. talking about it doesn't help and its frustrating to hear your own family members talk about helping you then don't. when you are older it is much harder to keep getting back up than when you are 20. it has come in 3's, 6's and 9's for me. its hit after hit after hit and I don't know what else to do. daily there is not much to look forward too.

I need more love in my life. I feel like God doesn't care and people don't care. I am a good person. Why is my life filled with disappointments? Please pray for me.

Why does God not care about me? God never answers my prayers. Please pray for me. I feel hopeless.

Please pray for protection of my moms home the water heater went bad tonight told we needed to cut power to it so won't be a fire problem and hope we got the right switch my dad passed away several years ago he knew all that stuff to do it's getting fix tomorrow pray my mom. Don't worry and get sleep tonight and we hit the right switch

Please pray for my healing and forgiveness