Pray for Others

Please pray for Max.

Please pray for Darryl to quit smoking .

Please pray for a healing of minds and hearts in our country. People write such mean comments on social media like Facebook, even claiming to be religious while they say hateful things. Please pray with me that people come to realize the harm they are doing and think about what our Lord would want them to do.
Thank you.

I need prayers for my daughter's health. I pray the Holy Spirit fills my daughter's mind, mouth and heart with God's love. Amen!

Please pray that the house issue with my ex can be resolved amicably. I don't want to create any conflicts just want peace for this situation. Also that my current husband RR will be understanding about it.

Please pray that God protects me and my family from any evil and keep us safe in our journey in Jesus name we pray amen

please pray hard for me as i have a bad urinary tract infection and am NOT urinating at all and real bloated inmy belly/legs/feet and have severe edema, not digesting my foods,tired and chills and doctors here dont seemed concerned. its been 4 day since i have fully urinated, since then its only been drops of painful burning drops of urine and i have to drink 3 liters of fluids daily. im in a treatment center for eating disorders and all the patients here are rude and unsupportive and signing themselves out due to neglect and abuse here and the staff is very uncaring towards me and i feel so alone and scared of being here due to abuse and neglect of everyone. please pray for me as i have about 7-8 pounds to gain, not urinating, bloated, not digesting food and in severe pain and need prayers for healing immediatly to start urinating and digesting food and gain the last few pounds FAST and pray i can get released within the next 2 weeks or so to go home, i have been in treatment since 1st week of august and i miss my kids. also pray over the doctors

In the blood I choose this day to live protect me from all harm protect my sons and family from all harm teach us lord to be strong wise I. Jesus Name Amen
Thank you

A few days ago I fell and landed hard on a concrete sidewalk. Xrays showed nothing broken, but I'm still in a lot of pain.

Please pray for Mjh.