Pray for Others

Pray for my son to call me. Pray for my husband to want to not work so much.

That Michael, everyone needing, is Healed from flus, gets plenty of rest SLEEP,,easily retains food fluids, finds perfect treatment, jobs protected, takes it easy as long as he needs to, for all flu uplifted, healed, Amen!

Please pray with me for a complete healing for my husband Gary, removing all cancer, disease and pain from his whole body. And for him to receive new good health and life into his entire body. I believe this can and will happen through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you for all your prayers.

URGENT! Please pray for my sister Sheri, one week ago I got a call from Hospital, They told me my Sister sheri had collapsed she was not breathing On the way to the hospital they were able to shock her back, But she is on life support , My mom Peg - a stroke 8 weeks ago and she lives with me, I am afraid to tell her about Sheri , Im afraid she will have another stroke, And I will loose them both! I KNOW THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!!! And I believe in Miracles!! The hospital has been hounding me, They say there is no brain activity. they want me to come tomorrow to talk to them, Oh God Please Pray I need a miracle !! Please Let her come out of this and give God the glory and live for him!! And please pray for me to be strong, Im Suzanne , I wouldn't have been able to make it this far with out Gods help, Ive been singing old gospel songs in my head , and trying to act as if everything is ok, Please Please Please everyone pray! Thank you all Thank you jesus!

Pray for this neighborhood it's bad.


Pray for me to have some friends to talk to. Pray for me to lose more weight. Pray for my health. My husband is abusive and doesn't want to talk to me. He says he loves me but doesn't love me. Pray for my health and for my knees. My knee is hurting a lot. Pray for my son to get a car soon. Pray for him to call me.

Please pray to God in the name of Jesus that my son Chad will make it home safe with no troubles.Thank you

Please pray for my kid and I...we have to travel fairly far daily for a couple months. Please pray for our safety and protection and that people we deal with will be civil and kind.

well I asked that the lord bring my boyfriend and I closer to get married instead I find myself heart broken cause he has been directing his affection towards someone else I'm now hurt and confused wishing I could make him love me like I love him I'm on a depressed and lonely state of mind with mo will to live I need streaghth to get me threw this break up and to be able to see life is better with put him