Pray for Others

Please pray and agree with me that God will lead me to a safe , beautiful and affordable place for my family to live before I have to be out of my current place this Sunday. Please pray and agree that God will provide me with the money needed so that I can pay the security deposit and all other fees required so that we can move into our new home by this Thursday. Please pray and agree that God will heal my heart and remove anger from me, so that I will learn to give all my cares to God. These and other things in Jesus name I ask and pray. Amen

Pray that God will help me make the right decession about getting another kitty . I have one kitty and I would like to get him a play mate but I' m not sure if I should . I pray God will help to know what to do. That you for you praying with me. God bless.

My heavenly Father I Pray for my children and myself Msmr My God bless us Guide and Lead us with your holy spirit into All success financially responsibley and may we use our Blessings right and to the benefits of good for ourselves and families and communities orphanages ministry's and the down And out In Jesus Name Amen,

I am nervous about my doctors appt tomorrow and I pray for a clean bill of health and good test results. Amen Thank you God and prayer volunteers for praying for me!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am very nervous. I pray for a clean bill of health and good test results. Please give me faith God and good health. Amen

My Aunt Charlene from O. just called to share some terrible news about her son Bill. He was involved in an accident while at work. Bill was high above the ground in one of those cherry picking machines when all of the sudden the part that holds him up for support broke and he fell 15-20 feet to the ground. He suffered a concussion, broken ribs, broken back and several other injuries. Bill is in ICU and will have an MRI in the morning to determine whether or not he will be able to walk again. This news comes as a shock however, I am hoping for the best once the swelling goes down. I really need your support for my family. Please pray for Bill and my Aunt Charlene. She is a widow and lives alone. I know she is scared but we have to stay positive for Bill and take it one day at a time. Thank you all so much for always being there for me when I need prayers and guidance. God bless, Debi H.

Please pray for me. I am homebound now for 6.5 years and am also full time caretaker for my husband. I need prayer for patience , strength, and energy to keep this up. I am worn down. I don't have other resources to draw on for a break. I am tired and feeling hopeless right now. Thank you so much.

my husband Robert needs prayer since last march he has suffered a mild stroke a gi bleed panic attacks and has for many years dealt with a blood disorder that causes his bp to drop signicantly he needs healing wants to return to work so overwhelmed with all this

Please pray that all goes well for my Mom before, during and after her cataract procedure tomorrow!
Thank you, and God Bless!

Please ask God to remove any obstacles so I can be rehired at my old school district to begin Aug 2016 and share positive thinking with disadvantaged kids thank you for your prayers