Pray for Others

My nephew is 13. His dad is in prison and he has a lot of anger about it. He is constantly in fights and being disrespectful at school which has lead to many suspensions. In addition, he is short and is bullied quite often. I would like for Our Prayer to pray for him.

please pray that daughter gets hired for a job in her career field (fashion design) she needs a job bad,she has worked so hard to get through college and deserves a break

Please pray baby Lily is happy,healthy,safe and with her family and they are well too. Thank U

Please pray for me...I am in the wait on the Lord phase right now and I have faith but I still would like prayers to help things along...I am waiting on news of an apartment I desperately need, however the is a process and we are waiting, my place where I am staying is running out and I can't find a mission or temporary shelter in my area that has a space for me. I am afraid if i start looking for another apt God will think I don't have faith but I do want to see what happens before I start that process...I am in spiritual and internal transition and just want to start a new chapter in my life (recently divorced, but wish I could meet someone for friendship/companionship) and start doing what i feel is my purpose or that God will reveal that to me...I feel that things are good are will get even better, however extra prayers that I can give up and let go of my feelings for my ex so new love can come to me. Also, that I can get my disability approved. I have been denied several times and truly am disabled

We are foster to adopt parents with children's service, I pray that our social worker will call and tell us about a little girl that needs a home, THIS WOULD BE OUR FIRST PLACEMENT please pray that the call will come today.AMEN THANK YOU,

Please pray for me to find the financial resources and a financial blessing to help me with the house and garage repairs but to also find the job that God wants me to do.

I have invited God into my heart several times, but I cannot shake the feeling that I am not saved. I know it is satan working. I try to live my life the way God intended, but at church I get this aching in my heart and I don't know if it is for me or someone else. Please pray that I am saved and that this aching in my heart goes away. Thank you and God Bless.

Dear Lord please hear my prayers. I am so grateful all of the blessing in ,y life. I don't understand many things. Please lord I need for you to help me heal my relationship with mike. Please heal his mental illness help him to become well. To See clearly. To see you lord. I am lost please help me find my way. Help me to have grace and patients lord. In your name Amen

Dear Lord, please pray for our family. It has become so fractured I don't know if it will ever be the same . Please guide my daughter back to her Christian conventional lifestyle . Please Lord.

Please pray for my overcoming of fear from bad health, finances and the future. This overwhelms me at times to the point I can't concentrate..