Pray for Others

Please pray for Donald Nagle.

I'm so tired of feeling anxiety and grief. I worry so much. Please heal me Jesus.

Please I ask that you pray for me I was told by my doctors that my bladder cancer has become aggressive and that my right kidney which does not work anymore has become incrediably enlarged and it looks worse please I ask that you pray hard for me, because I don't want to undergo this very serious surgery that will remove my bladder, uterus and kidney. I'm doing some serious praying too. Thank you.

Please join me in prayer that my daughter will accept help for her alcohol problem. I need lots of people praying for her because the more prayers for Jessica the better. May God's will be done.

Im asking for prayer my heads been hurting at the back top going down some since yesterday evening and also somethings been causing me to think blasphemous thoughts about Christ which has happened in the past which I cant quite shake and know is not true. God bless

Thank you for reading this request for prayer. I m seeking prayer for a situation at my job that has me travelling every week in order to keep the work that we've started on track for a near term deliverable. We've had a total of 11 people leave within the past 3 1/2 months and it is only over the past month that we have started to replace these folks even though I consistently escalated concerns to my manager. I am seeking prayer for my job as my boss has stepped in not collaborting and being supportive thruogh the issues but steam rolling and making accusatons. While I have seen similar behavior from my boss in the past and heard similiar concens from my peers, I am seeking GOD's protection and vindication that my efforts will not go unnoticed nor will I be used a scapegoat for the issues that were not addressed sooner when reported. Please lift me up in prayer as my workplace has become a very uncomfortable place to be and that I will not loose my job but that GOD will grant me mercy and grace and vindication. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray that all my parts are good no miss count no miss clips no miss lable no fried me no suppenned me no wright me up and I can get my oders done on time and small oders and have some help to getmy oders done tow moter do n ot bother me no talking on my line or yelling on my line car will stare car odor will open and close ok set belt will work this weak

please pray for KIMberly& john for communication,companionship,love,unity,peace,understanding,healing,understanding,comittment,

**Please Pray, for my 58 yr. old Missionary Son, jay & Wife Mary, who will be leaving N., hopefully, on Monday to return to Tx. Presently N. has absolutely NO fuel, due to I. refusal, to furnish a supply!!! Thanks

I'm in need of prayers for my son, he is still not feeling well, please lift him up in healing prayers. Please pray for him! God Bless.