Pray for Others

Please pray for Linda's surgery next Tuesday, that she will be protected, safe and well and that the surgery will be successful. Thank God for Julian's birth and health and pray for Linda's restoration to health.

Something happened at our last break period that involved me and I didn't mean to do it and now I'm worried that it'll be brought up tomorrow when my girlfriend will be back at work and everything will come crashing down on me. I am going through enough stress and I don't need any more stress than necessary. I don't want anyone to get mad at me for what happened because I want this to be dropped altogether and I don't want anyone else to bring up what I did. What I will say is that I will never do anything like that again. Ever. What I did was horrible and I will never do that again. I just hope that my girlfriend and supervisor won't find out because I do not want to be in trouble at all. Please pray for this situation!

Please pray for Charlotte .

URGENT pray for Sharon who had a 16 hour surgery & having a lot of complications, especially with her ureathe not performing properly. Also another person named Sharon with mental problems, depression & financial difuculties, also need SALVATION & unite with her kids. God bless every volunteer & their families, Remember the elderly in nursing homes, adult & foster care homes, & God expose the abuse & touch every nursing home to keep residents & facility clean, one in particular THE W. H. C. F., remember the sick children, Estella 3 yo has cancer, remember Mychal who has asthma & God bless him to pay college loan off

Plz pray for our son Ronny, we don't know how to help him, he has deep out of control psychological & emotional problems & he won't admit it. He really needs to talk to someone professional. He thinks he has physical problems. He don't take care of his hygiene & is recluse,only God can fix him.

Please pray for Everyone .

Please pray for Tommy.

Please pray for SJAB.

Please pray for Hunter.

Please pray for Deanna.