Pray for Others

Please, please, please, help me pray that my partner's business would get the money from that bank urgently for work that they have completed. We are in urgent need of money to pay our bills and for my partner to also pay for our holiday in March. I also want to pray for my daughter who has applied for a credit limit increase that this would be successful as this money would help her get by for now and that we would be able to pay it off as soon as possible. Please help pray for calm and protection in her life as well. Thank you and may God bless

Please Pray for Cindy she fought and beat breast cancer and is going in for a biopsy today, JUST PRAYING AND BELIEVING FOR A MIRACLE. ALSO PLEASE PRAY FOR ME LIZ AS I GOING IN FOR TEST FOR MY HEART,MY MOM PASSED AWAY from a heart attack just making sure I don't have heart problems.
Thank you and God Bless

Our family recently opened our own business. The plan was for my husband to keep his day job and I would get things started. I have been doing this around 6 months and my health is suffering from the stress and I am NOT available for my children the way I want to be. The business is 24/7 and I am NOT sleeping and I'm having chest pains. Praying for wisdom. Don't want to walk away from the business and all our dreams and have all this hard work go to waste... But I am at my breaking point. Please pray for our whole family. Our son (9) is also having anxiety / depression issues which is hard to watch.

Please pray for the total complete healing and health of my 2-year-old granddaughter, Victoria, from a stomach flu viral infection, fever, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, and unable to keep food down. Please pray for wisdom and strength for my daughter and son-in-law to aid in Victoria's health and that they do not get flu. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Please pray for me (Dana for healing!).

Dear Lord, You are the Ultimate Healer, please lay hand on my daughter Mimi to rid her of cancer. Please give clarity to her doctor in the choice of treatment. Give strength to Mimi to go through the ordeal gracefully and to recognize your blessing in her relief. Also give courage to me and her daughter to be there as great support. Thank You.

Please pray for my son, Justin, that he will seek and receive the guidance and wisdom he needs to move forward in a career. Along with this please pray that he will find the courage to take care of his overall well being and health so that he can move confidently forward. Thank you.

Please pray for My family.

Please pray for Deanna.

Please pray for Tommy.