Pray for Others

Dear God please help me out with grief and sadness
I'm asking for health
I'm asking you for love from Mike
I'm asking that Mike is OK from sickness
I ask all this in JESUS name

For Mary Beth's healed back & neck, Nickie's healed lower back in spine, Catheron healed mid-upper vertebrae near lower shoulder blades & R near liver, & healed stomach for C & M, C's COIGH GONE, cleared MOIST Excess-Mucous-GONE EARS SINUSES STOMACH, R side head & all head Pain Gone, healed R Foot R arm shaking gone, healed Circulation feet lower legs head neck,, we pray these HEALINGS for EVERYONE needing. For exception application FULLY approved NOW for F, home, for CHR scheduling w/ C, Praise God!

Please pray for my family. I have 3 kids & I'm not sure how I'm going to feed my kids, take them to school, go to work. We need a home, we need help with our finances. We are owed money by my ex & we need him to pay us what he owes us, especially the back support he owes us. He has a monied family & I can't afford to fight him in court. We're just asking that God helps us with an open door. I am behind on my bills, need to pay my car insurance,medical bills. Please pray that God opens a financial door for us. There are places that the money we need can come to us we just need God to open a financial door for us. Please say a prayer for us & may god bless you in return.

R.J. - please pray for me to do my new job especially well, as unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

R.J. - Working in a new setting. Please pray the Lord's blessing upon all my work relationships!

please pray that we, Richards family who love him so much, be guided by the Holy Spirit to do and say the right things for him. God bless you!

I am so afraid that I will have to have this hip redone. I don't want to have the surgery, I just want to keep an eye on it and let our Heavenly Father take care of me and guide me in the path I should go. I am so so afraid. I have been giving my fears to our Father through Christ Jesus Amen. I don't want to lose faith, I need help to get through this.

Please pray for my father to heal and regain his strength after an infection and fall hitting his head

Please pray for my 53 year old cousin Sherry who has thyroid nodules so is getting a biopsy to to see what is causing the problem. Please pray for her healing & also that this would draw her closer to God. Thanks for your prayers!

Please pray for Elizabeth who is suffering complications following surgery.