Pray for Others

Please pray for me and my children, we are struggling with paying our bills and buying food. We also need to pay for an exterminator for bugs in our house. I'm disabled and have a limited income. My children work but we are still struggling. Please pray for us.

Also please pray that my son will find out why he keeps having pain in is abdomen.

Please pray I will no longer be ibowed down to my enemies, harassed, wronged,or have any influence with and from them

Jeanne & Janell - coworkers, slightly at odds over a work situation. Please pray the Lord's resolve over this difference a.s.a.p. please!

please pray for GOD to get clara and kayli well in all ways.thank you

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to pray. Please pray for a friend's son Rob who was recently diagnosed with Cardiac Angiosarcoma. He has 2 little girls and a wife. May they all find God's mercy.

My daughter Stefanie is battling depression and anxiety. Please pray that God will set her completely and permanently free from these issues and she can regain peace and happiness in her life.

Please pray for Robert.

Please pray for Brian.

Please pray for me and my family.

Please pray for Nina's (13 yrs) liver disease and metabolic illness to be healed.