Pray for Others

Please pray for my dear wife's total healing, and the Lord's blessings upon our family. We thank Him and
ask in Jesus' name, Amen

I am about to lose my transportation if I don't come up with the $ needed!! Praying for a miracle, please pray for me!!! Thank you

God I pray for Kevin-, please soften his heart towards me. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you

Please help direct heal KD
Help him to be aggressive in his quest-
Thank you for all our blessings❤️

Pls help me pray! The love of my life and I have been through MANY ups and downs, our timing has been off. We want to be together, but hes scared & struggling to push forward with certain things that will create a lot of change and turn his life upside down. I need him to make this change & push forward to be with me because if he doesn't we can't be together and I will just continue to get hurt. Right now we aren't talking. I miss him. I want to be with him with all my heart, but I want him to fight for us, push forward to make these changes & commit to me and be healthy. I pray he comes back to me, fights for us/me, commits to me, chooses us, makes me a priority, is faithful, honest and finds the strength and courage to do what NEEDS to be done to make our love flourish and succeed! I pray I hear from him and that he feels & misses me & is compelled to fight for this! Otherwise I pray I get closure, comfort, peace and hope for the future

My son, Michael, will be going to a job interview tomorrow. If this employment is a good fit for him, please pray that all will go well for him. Thank you for your prayer support.

Father please guide me to a solution to my financial problems. Please keep me calm and ease my anxieties. Help me to remember you always have everything under your control. In Jesus Name I pray Amen

Please pray for God to protect me from being homeless on the street. I had to call my mortgage people this morning to tell them that I did not have the money to pay my mortgage payments. My home will now be reposed. I don't understand why God allowed me to lose everything over the course of the last nine years.
I can now only hope that he will bring a lot of good things out of this. I want to believe this but my faith is very weak at this point .

speak the truth LORD to my neice taria

We have a friend who went in for heart surgery it went bad. she is now in critical condition. Her name is Carolyn. Prayers for the family as well