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Pray for Others

Please pray for me.
My mother has decided that she does not like me and has turned my six sisters and my father against me-
Leaving me very alone.
She tells them lies about things that I have done to her, and they believe her.
Mom enjoys hurting me.
I keep trying to make her love me.
And she will set me up, just to hurt me once again.
It is so hurtful.
Thank you,

Today is my 33rd birthday & I'm so thankful for God's grace & mercy. He has brought me thru a mighty lot. But lately the prayer of Jabez has been on my heart & mind. I've been studying the scripture & I'd like to apply it to my life. My relationship with my son & daughter. My relations between my parents. My personal growth as a proverbial woman & someone's future wife. In my field of work, I desire to further my education so I can make an impact in my healthcare career. I am no Jabez but I know God has great plans for me as well as others. So today on my birthday, I cry out for increase, I cry out for enlarging of my territory, my prosperity, my spiritual growth, my home life. I trust God, his works in mine & other lives have increased my faith in his word, his plan. I just want to give myself to God. I want to bind up every harm & hindrance that's blocking my increase, God's will for me needs to be done. I need him, I give myself to him so he may use me. Please Jesus AMEN

I am single mother of two who is constantly struggling financially. I started a business in February to give my kids a better life and I haven't made any money from it yet. I don't have any money to pay my rent this month and I have about $20 in my bank account. Please pray that my business starts bringing in so much money that I will never have to worry about money again.