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Please pray for 2 friends that are going through the cancer journey
Colleen & Franca

Today I woke up to an awful text from my brother. Our niece got mixed up with the wrong person, had 2 kids and life just became hard for her. She worked for us in our restaurant for a time and the once responsible young girl became messed up because of her relationship. That relationship just evolved into domestic violence and I've been trying to help her. My brother doesn't know all the details of the violence visited upon her...mostly psychological violence. He doesn't know how her boyfriend mentally beat her down every day. I just learned this as she revealed it to me. My parents own a vacant home my brother & his family once lived in. My brother has a strong attachment to that home. My niece recently moved her stuff to that house & my brother was offended saying it's not good helping her because she'll never grow up by us "handing" things to her. The crazy thing is that until 2 years ago, my parents paid for my brothers household expenses.They lived rent free for 25 years& he's forgotten that. Do I not help my niece in her time of trouble? Please pray for by brother.

Prayers for my mom who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Also prayers to heal our relationship.
Thank you.