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Your prayer concerns are important to us and that's why each and every prayer request we receive is prayed for by a trained volunteer by name and by need. Rest assured, our prayer support is confidential, free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read the OurPrayer Promise

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Pray for Others

pray with me to not let my carnal feelings get in the way of my spiritual feelings ,knowing that Jesus is with me ,all is well ,I can trust Him for all things ,by faith in the name of JESUS my prayers have already been answered,thank You God

Lord please look after my family keep them healthy, safe and well, please look after my mum especially let her cough be nothing serious and her skin on nose is fine and let her stomach be ok and keep her eyes strong, keep her healthy well and strong in body and mind and let her appointments go well and let everything be ok keep her hernia small and no new ones. Please let my sister throat and eye heal and be nothing serious. Please keep me healthy, let my chest stay healthy and that I don't get any chest infections coughs, colds or flu keep my heart healthy and that my tablets work and my breathing is clear and easy and please let the pain in my ribs/stomach goes quickly and be nothing serious. Please look after my friends keep them healthy and please keep my carers healthy too. Let there be peace throughout the world.
Thank you

Please pray for Greg.