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I experienced something this weekend that has led me to feel extremely alone and unworthy of God's love and protection. I was locked out of my apartment (on my balcony 2nd floor, no phone, no keys). I called and called for someone to help me. A man heard me, looked my way, and then continued into his apartment, leaving me alone. A woman did call my complex's maintenance system, but would not call the police. Finally, after 2 hours, someone in a subdivision behind my apartment heard me calling out and called the police. I understand in today's society the apprehensive of being a "Good Samaritan" but to leave a woman yelling for help alone and continuing on as if nothing was heard left me to realize how alone I really am. I was paralyzed with fear and spent a relatively sleepless night wondering what I could have done to not have God help me and to make people so cold and uncaring. I am grateful I was not hurt, suffered no bad weather and eventually was rescued (after 3 hours) but my faith took a ding and I feel unworthy and cannot get past this feeling. Thank you.

Ps pray for my husband to have a release from this bondage, we have had so much pain in our lives for the past 25 years, because of bad behaviour after drinking, that is his first love, the children and least of all I matter to him the least in life. We try to hang in , because we worry for him, we need a desperate breakthrough.

I need God's favor in healing my spine. Our well and pump haven't worked for almost a month. My husband does everything he can to restore water to our home. We don't have the money to drill a new well. Please pray with us for God's blessings.