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Your prayer concerns are important to us and that's why each and every prayer request we receive is prayed for by a trained volunteer by name and by need. Rest assured, our prayer support is confidential, free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read the OurPrayer Promise

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Please pray for me (Cecilia).

TY God for C healed R ARM FEET TOES esp Right Foot, & 4th toes, also HEAD NECK PAIN GONE!! R ARM FOOT healed, shaking stops, is gone, ALL R SIDE. All TISSUES BLOODVESSELS BONES are STRONG HEALED FLEXIBLE & BOUNCEBACK fm FLOORING SO HEALTHILY! All TEETH healed esp upper R rear, (staying stable for perfect treatment options) 1 lower, SINUS EARS THROAT Cleared Moist Open Drained, ears HEAR PERFECTLY! all BLOOD VESSELS TISSUES strong healed resilient tough and JOINTS/BONES healed in TOES FEET head,neck,sides R knee. Healed strong contracting BLADDER URETHRA SPHINCTERS, for ALIGNMENT & Healed-Muscles Circulation-Space holding for BRAIN STEM & CENTER BACK, MIDDLE upper BACK ESPECIALLY & NECK areas, for HEALED EYES, for complete PROTECTION SAFETY fm Negative Energies & Emotions, PERFECT PH BALANCE, only HEALTHY ORGANISMS, esp Digestive Tract, excess Mucous GONE, for much! ESSE, enuf REST SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP C & M! WE PRAY THIS FOR ALL NEEDING!

TY God for solutions workable at F. home, for me, aides, mgr., residents. For protection protection, for ME IN GREAT SHAPE FOR SHOWER, & APPTs, perfect caregivers & solutions for meds distribution, food prep, & FULLY APPROVED EXCEPTION HOURS TO FUND NEEDED CARE, & PERFECT DR. SUPPORT FOR THAT, For solutions that protect & arrange care for me as I NEED, incl no harsh chemical use, for communication/behaviors with new manager! improving & I'm treated as NEEDED. My medical information/limits respected included. For perfect treatment prep & perfect needed treatments,, that aides mgmt., help keep stresses low so I CAN, TY for Your clear guidance on all of this & what's NEEDED, Lord! For support of ongoing healing, treatment, incl w/ CHR & strengthened mobility, with good esp phys shape/energy at day's end, everyone incl practitioners protected fm negative emotions & energies, enough rest SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, S F K all needing, Praise God!