Answered Prayers

Praise God for work yesterday and the beginning of repair of my neighbor's water leak and clean up of her trash!

Thank you for the prayers regarding my mammogram. I was worried since I had put it off during 2020, and then I was worried when I unexpectedly got a phone call about it today. (Normally I just get a letter a week later.) But the good news is that everything came back normal!!

I asked the LORD to show me His will for my life and also what He has in store for me. God led me to a very big tree in the compound where I was and told me to take a good look at it. He then told me that He will build my life to be like this tree that is firm and strong and reaches out to every part of the area it is contained, with branches that will reach out to every part of the world.
This indeed made my day!

I am in a 6+ year extremely stressful situation that many of you are praying for. While the cause of the stress has not been eliminated yet, I was very, very close to a serious breaking point less than an hour ago. God absolutely intervened because while doing dishes I had the random thought come into my mind to take the paper recycling out at that moment. I was not "put together" yet and also wasn't finished with the dishes, but I did it anyway. Completely randomly, I ran into the neighbor who lives upstairs from the problem neighbor. She is the one who verified the situation with the problem person to the landlord. And while that isn't resolved yet, she is the only one to have the courage to also say what is happening here. It is so long and I already typed so much, but I was seriously in danger of a breakdown today due to the stress the problem person causes. God intervening and directing me to do what I did and placing someone in my path at just the right moment has calmed my nerves and derailed the breakdown. Thank you everyone who is praying for our situation here and GLORY TO GOD and thank You Lord for putting Your hands on me just now and saving me from a breakdown. It shows that while God is waiting to answer prayers, he also does not leave us abandoned and alone.

Praise God I spoke with my son yesterday and heard from my granddaughter!

Thank you my grandson calmed down
My daughter all upset

Thanksgiving my friend Christines surgery went well.

Praise God for a zoom meeting yesterday and I finally bought a new microwave!

Praise God I did some shopping that I think needed to be done!

My mom just turned 95 years old in February. She has battled cancer for 20+ years (and is still battling it), battled and overcame shingles, and a broken hip...all in a span of five years. I thank God every day for his infinite grace and mercy for her and my family.