Answered Prayers

Thank you God and Jesus for relieving me of my fears when my home alarm system went off. I assumed the worse. While I was driving home, I sensed that you told me no one had broken in my place. When I arrived home, a bird was stuck behind the blinds; this had triggered the motion sensors. I gladly set the bird free, and he happily flew outside. Many, many thanks God and Jesus for calming me and protecting me. I only have praise for both of you! Rejoice in the Lord. Always rejoice no matter what your situation might be!

Praise God I made it safely to and from graduation and everything went as well as possible!

Thank you God for getting all my medical bills written off. I can't thank You enough. I can breathe again.

I thank God that I now own a business before i never had one.
Praise God

I requested prayer for GOD to help me write a letter. I wrote it and am happy with what I wrote. Only GOD can cause the result. Thanks for praying.

Praise God I got a lot accomplished yesterday and heard from my son!

this is a prayer of Thanksgiving for John W and his surgical team. successful surgery. AMEN

Praise God for a great day at work yesterday; we finally got the machine locked; and my grandchildren had a good time at the Prom!

Thank you lord for blessing my brother And his wife with the gift of pregnancy. They had been going through fertility treatments for years and with each of them being over the age of 40, this is a big blessing! Continue to protect them throughout this pregnancy and post pregnancy. Amen

PRAISE THE LORD INDEED!!! SO grateful my husband is moving on to the a final interview for a job he desperately needs & wants. Thank you to God & all of you prayer warriors!