Answered Prayers

I am happy to be at seven sober years. I fell apart years ago. It was good , alcohol or anything maybe. I'm at a healthy size . My life is in a better place. Look up to God for answers and not inside a glass. I survived disaster , but miss many people. I'm sorry for their lives and loss. I ask for continued healing. Many need it , we miss young and old friends or family members. I thank God for recovery. I pray for protection against hurricanes and crime. The news and weather aren't good . I know God is real. Thank you Jesus Christ. Praise your Holy name. Amen

Thank you Lord for answered prayers

First thanking God for all of my wonderful daily blessings.
Thanking God that my service appointment today went excellent in all ways.
Thank you for your prayers.

Thank God for a talk with a friend, clothes washed, and half hour of entertainment last evening.

Thank you God for answering my prayers , today I got a raise in pay and my son got a job that we were praying for get

Thank you God for great classes at the gym yesterday, and a very good meeting last night; good to see and talk with friends at the gym also.

Thanking guideposts for daily emails of scripture & true inspiration. Each day the 1st thing I do is read my guideposts email, I am so grateful, you see I am dealing with cancer for 3rd time & the struggle is great, today I read an article sent referencing Isaiah 65:24, I've have been in prayer in ways one. Cannot describe & today it felt as if God reached right to my heart/journey/& cries to SHOW me his words to remind me of his faithfulness to us, his promise! Later in the day a nurse called me & at least gave additional ears & hope to part of my prayers!
Guideposts has no idea how your ministry makes a difference & touches people's soul! Thank you for being His Hands & Feet! This world & its suffering maybe inevitable yet His promises & love is still available to us if we look, try & trust! God Bless your work!

Thank you God for a lovely meeting with friends yesterday, and seeing neighbors last evening at a cool presentation; and I got a super-duper flu shot the other day!

Thank you everyone for the prayers. Our mom has given up smoking and has been cigarette-free for over a year. Thank you God, thank you everyone! God is Good!

Thank you God I had an appointment with a nurse practitioner close to home and my right ear was flushed. My left ear is still swollen or full of fluid, but there is hope for continued healing.