Answered Prayers

Praise the Lord! I had three big traffic tickets that the police officer wrongly gave to me on Thanksgiving 2017. I had hired lawyer and fought with the court since then. Even the lawyer told me it was impossible to convince the prosecutor to believe in me. God made eveything work out in my favour! After 3.5 years, the court dropped the charge and I came out clean without any record. I had many nights that I couldn't fall asleep and I was so worried. I emailed prayer requests many times and asked for prayer...all I want to say God is good and faithful all the time. He also supplied my job so I could be able to afford to pay for the lawyer. He is the judge. No weapon formed against us shall prosper!

Thankful for my promotion

Thank you, God, that I was able to give plasma. It was money that was desperately needed.

Praise God for prayers for peace yesterday and I had contact with my granddaughter.

Praise God for the bike ride yesterday and enjoyable meal last evening.

Thank you Lord for all theanswered prayers.

For weeks, I prayed that the contractors would show up to do some work on my house. They arrived early this morning with positive attitudes and are working cheerfully. I am so pleased that our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus answered my prayers.

As many of you know, sometimes it's a challenge to find high-quality, reliable workers with upbeat attitudes. Let's always praise our Heavenly God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit whether our prayers are answered or not. They know what is best for us. In Jesus's name, I pray.

I thank the Lord for Courage to step out of a toxic relationship with a Narcissist and begin a healing process within... relying on God's Word and Promise to ever be faithful in His walk with me. He lets me know that I am not alone in this Journey. I praise the Lord for various authors' (self-help and other publications) words of wisdom that I should not blame myself for my empathic Soul, but rather forgive myself for being so naive to let myself be manipulated by others and not having the courage to set my boundaries and hold fast to them and to trust the Lord to guide my path to freedom & independence. A tremendous burden has been lifted and my self-esteem is slowly being restored. I am gaining my Joy back slowly but surely.

Praise God for safe travels yesterday and a visit with family!

Praise God for a lovely meeting yesterday and talk with my son.