Answered Prayers

Thank you Father God for taking away the excruciating pain that I had in my right foot that made it so unbearable for me to walk and be a caregiver to my husband and daughter. I requested prayer here on Guidepost prayer site and my prayer was answered. Thank you Father God for your healing powers in Jesus name... Amen

Thankful the small business is getting customers.

Praise God a neighbor and I explored a new hiking trail and we found the entrance, and walked for a half hour!

Praise God for work yesterday and contact with my son.

Thanful for safe travels, the small business getting new customrrs, L. straightening out unemployment.

My sister finally has gotten another feeding line in after having difficulty finding a port and was transferred to another hospital
for one she was near death now she is healing!

The small business got another customer. Thankful for our trip.

Praise God for work yesterday!

Thank you so much for your prayers. One day after I asked for help, a bill worth almost $5000 was completely written off. I was so grateful. Thank you again.

Requested prayer for healing of trigeminal neuralgia. (A horrific nerve pain in your face.) Thank you for your prayers and thank you Jesus it has stopped. Please continue praying that it won't come back. Praise God for a healing.