Answered Prayers

We got rain.more is expected.

I had asked prayer for rain. We have had rain for almost a day, and they expect more. Thanks for praying. Grass is green again.

I found my missing doll head. Hidden in plain sight. Lol. It was in a clear plastic box, and was covered with the hair I was putting into it. Hidden behind a plastic storage bins. Thanks for the prayers !

Praise God Libbie is talking to people and I had a talk with my daughter last night.

My injured leg miraculously healed. One day it hurt really badly, the next day it was fine. I had pulled ligament and hairline fracture.

Thank you all who prayed for the bleeding to stop. The abdomen pain is less often.

Thankful that the small business got another customer.

Praise God for our bike ride yesterday!

I requested prayer on yesterday to settle/close on home I'm selling, and to close/settle on home I'm purchasing on 5/18/21, and that's what God did. to God be the glory. Thank you for agreeing in prayer with me.

Thank you for the prayers.Alicias bloodwork came back normal