Power of Prayer

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When life's emergencies happen don't forget to dial your spiritual 911 for comfort.

Where to Turn in a Spiritual Emergency

Life can bring unwelcome surprises whether we’re ready or not. But comfort is at hand.

5 Bible verses to banish fear.

5 Bible Verses to Banish Fear

How to let worry become an opportunity for prayer

Clearing out the clutter and finding spiritual treasures.

Clearing the Clutter, Finding Treasures

Tackling an overflowing storage room unearths some gems.

3 reasons to celebrate the Holy Trinity on Trinity Sunday

3 Reasons to Celebrate the Trinity

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit–and what it means to me.

3 ways to hear God.

3 Ways to Hear God

Why it’s so important to listen when you pray

10 easy ways to remember to pray throughout the day.

10 Easy Prayer Reminders

Just a little effort can turn routine tasks into reminders to pray.

Do you have a prayer mentor?

Who Is Your Prayer Mentor?

People who have mentored me in prayer, without even realizing it.

On Pentecost, the church celebrates its birthday.

On Pentecost, the Church Celebrates Its Birthday

It’s a party. It should feel like one. It’s as big a holiday as holidays can get.

What Prayer Can Do: Safe in the Storm

She prayed for her son's protection from the raging storm outside, and it was a good thing she did...

7 reasons to pray daily

7 Reasons I Pray Daily

How the habit of prayer becomes a blessing