Power of Prayer

Features About Power of Prayer

How repeating prayers can benefit your prayer life.

Focus, Pray, Repeat

Repeating a prayer can take you to a new place of concentration, trust and conviction.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Leads Mid-Flight Prayer for a Sick Passenger

The former football star prayed with the family during the medical emergency.

How faith helps us weather complicated and stressful times.

Beyond Bumper-Sticker Faith

When life gets messy and complicated, our faith can help us cope.

Alexander Hamilton's grave at Trinity Church in New York City.

A Scene You Won’t See in 'Hamilton'

How an Episcopal priest extracted a promise from a dying man

4 blessings and prayers for dads on Father's Day

4 Blessings for Fathers

Whether you write them in a card or pray them from a distance, these prayers will bless any father (or father figure).

4 Bible verses to ease your relationship with God.

4 Bible Verses to Draw You Closer to God

If your relationship with God feels distant and wary, perhaps it’s time to try these prayers.

Celebrate the symbolic power of the flag on Flag Day, June 14.

Flag Day–The Power of a Symbol

When we let a symbol stand for something, we honor the better parts of our human nature.

How to pray for everyone.

How to Pray for Everyone

A mysterious prayer request becomes clear.

When life's emergencies happen don't forget to dial your spiritual 911 for comfort.

Where to Turn in a Spiritual Emergency

Life can bring unwelcome surprises whether we’re ready or not. But comfort is at hand.

5 Bible verses to banish fear.

5 Bible Verses to Banish Fear

How to let worry become an opportunity for prayer