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For the Lord to make my Daughter Susie, realize that Working at a bar at Night club there’s no future since she worked as Medical Coding that the Lord will Protect her and makes her see that she made the wrong decision.

Since Covid 19 Delta put me in the hospital for 9 weeks last Fall, I have been struggling with finances, and responsibilities that I took care of daily. Now I am asking God for His help in the later phrase of my life, (turning 75 in Oct.) I have ideas and projects but business and commitments to the local community also weighing on me. I need prayer for wellness and strength. If some of You reading this can agree with me that God will show me what I should do, I would greatly appreciate it, and Ask God's blessings on you and your household !!! Thank You In Jesus Name Amen

Please prayer for Joe not be mad my son can only afford a flight for me to come out and visit my son and his wife and my grandchildren