Faith, Prayer & Devotions

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Make a Positive Difference with Your Gifts

Today on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, reflect on how you can make the world a better place.

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Women holding hands

A Day of Pampering

Holding tight to my mother, I carefully helped her out of the shower. I had bathed her and washed ...

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The Music of Devotion

When I visited my aunt in her senior-living facility, I ...

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A contemplative woman gazes out the window


Dr. Norman Vincent Peale coined the phrase “victoriou ...

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White dove flying in the sky

Circle of Life

My mother had been in the hospital for two months. I wanted to take her home, but things kept get ...

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A woman greets the sunrsie

The Desires of Your Heart

During these first days of 2021, as you set goals and l ...

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A woman strolls on a snowy day

Simple Pleasures

What's your favorite thing about winter? Is it the beau ...

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Senior women laughing

From Faith to Glory

One Sunday morning, I watched my mother make a beeline for the pew of her friend Faith. They’d ...

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How to pray when stressed

A 10-Word Prayer When You’re Out of Options

The next time you’re panicked, fearful or stressed, try these words.

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Rick Hamlin

4 Ways to Pray for Healing

You can talk to God about your health on a daily basis. Here’s how.

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A woman experiences doubt

Dare to Doubt

Someone said that doubt is not the opposite of faith, i ...

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Adult man and senior man spending time together outdoors

Showering Dad

After two serious falls, my 92-year-old father-in-law could no longer stay in his own home in Min ...

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Adult woman and senior mother on an outdoor walk

Hats That Hurt

We walked from Mom’s assisted-living apartment down the hall to the dining room. I reminded her ...

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A woman sits silently ni church

Quiet Time

Sometimes, in order to hear God’s voice you must turn ...

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