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A father holds hands with his young daughter

Happy Father’s Day

Today as you celebrate Father’s Day, thank your ...

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Jesus extending his hand

In God’s Hands

It was 3:00 pm, and I was anxious. The doctor still hadn’t sent an important prescription to th ...

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Man standing on a large rock

Waiting for His Voice

Radiation hadn’t helped. Before the surgeon removed the cancer in Dad’s throat, the family st ...

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A sad woman

A Way in the Wilderness

No matter what loss you are facing, because of Jesus you can ...

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Sunset on a lake

Touches of Heaven

My mother had taken a bad fall, which brought on severa ...

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A positive woman

The Power of Belief

Every day, we trust and have faith in things we cannot ...

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Sleeping puppy

Pawprints All Over Our Hearts

My husband Jerry’s ability to communicate gradually diminished as his dementia progressed. It b ...

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A man pauses in anger

Silence Is Your Friend

Be patient with your feelings. Responding to someone in the heat of the moment can escalate situa ...

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Praying past distrations

5 Ways to Drive Off Distractions When You Pray

Try some of these tips to give your prayer time more energy and focus.

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Caregiver smiling at senior woman

Her World

The heat of her house? Stifling. The dust? Impenetrable. The creaking and groaning of floors? A t ...

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A woman prays in church

Love Unanswered Questions

Do you have a long list of questions for when you get to he ...

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Woman helping senior woman on walker

New Realities

Because we lived so far apart, Mom and I only saw each other every few months. She had moved into ...

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A man greets the sunrise, arms raised in praise

Better Than Life

Alleluia! What a fitting and fun word to say, to sing, to embody. Today, say it out loud. Shout i ...

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A smiling woman

Make New Mistakes

Let go of the fear of making mistakes, and accept that ...

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