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Is your work working?

How to Pray When Your Work Isn’t Working

These prayers may help change aspects of your job, and they may change you.

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A woman brings foods to a senior neighbor

When God Whispers

When you experience a nudge from above to help someone, to do a good deed, listen! Being able to ...

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A woman gathers clothes to donate to charity

Release What You Do Not Need

Summer is starting to come to an end. Often when we ent ...

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Touching ocean water during sunset; Getty Images

Jesus Really Sees You!

When you are in distress or in pain, trust that He is with you.

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Illustration of a ladybug

Ladybugs Renewed Her Appreciation of God's Lovely Creation

She became frustrated by the countless ladybugs in her home. Suddenly, her attitude shifted. 

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A man prays

Second Chances

Have you done something that you can’t forgive? Perha ...

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A man stands triumphant on a mountain peak

Live from Your Heart

The apostle Peter lived a remarkable and full life—he ...

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Cupped hands dip water from a stream

Born of Water

Throughout the Bible water is used as a symbol for new ...

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Rick Hamlin

Lessons from a Life-Saving Surgery

Through the turmoil of a week-long hospital stay, thoughts on suffering, trust and comfort.

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A worried man

Make Things Right

Do you ever wonder how you wound up in the life that you have? Maybe you feel like you’re in th ...

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Helping with homework

6 Bible Prayers for Wisdom in a New Season

Whether you’re wrestling with sending your kids back to the classroom or wondering if this is the right time to sell your home, guidance is always available.

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Prwying hands illuminated in the dark

No Proof, No Doubt

Thomas had his doubts resolved by a personal visit from ...

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A beach at sunrise

What’s Your Spiritual Age?

Your spiritual growth continues until you enter into et ...

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A man's praying hands rest on a Bible

Surprising Answers

If you have been praying for something for a long time, ...

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