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Two women laughing

Um . . .

I stared at the menu in front of me, thinking of all the work to be done at home. We still had an ...

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A volunteer at a senior center

Boundless Love

Jonah was angry and tired, wanting to die—absorbed in his own feelings when God gave him a less ...

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Rick Hamlin

3 Short Bible Verses to Pray When You’re Overwhelmed

A prayerful—and direct—guide from the Apostle Paul.

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Dream big, pray big

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and the Power of Positive Praying

Inspiration to dream big and pray big

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A woman greets the sunrise on a mountaintop

Respond with Faith

A true test of your faith and spiritual maturity is not ...

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Clasped hands

Unexpected Consolation

From the ledge next to the hospital room’s huge window, I could see Baltimore’s skyscape. The ...

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Group of people holding hands

A Room Full of Love

My wife, Candy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after musical hallucinations prompted her to wan ...

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Pray A Word A Day devotional prayer practice morning prayers

Read a Free Excerpt from 'Pray a Word a Day'—Now Back in Stock!

This bestselling Guideposts devotional centers your prayers around a specific word each day.

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Two female friends smiling

Lessons Learned

While taking care of my family, I’d find myself wishing for more time in my day to get things d ...

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A woman gazes heavenward

Worth Your Time

It has been said that anything worth pursuing takes time. When you are in the midst of waiting fo ...

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A man's hands grasp an open Bible

Hope for the Future

Living a life of faith is the center of glorifying God. ...

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Adult son and senior father walking outside

Long-Haul Caregiving

I looked over the calendar for the month. Several doctor’s appointments were upcoming for my hu ...

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Woman hugging her senior father

Strength for the Journey

“Hold it, please.” I rushed to open the car door for my father when we parked. Oper ...

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A woman prays

Shift Your Focus

Stephen’s last words are a final prayer of complete selflessness. Examine your ...

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