Whether he's Daddy, Dad, Pop, Papa, or simply a father figure, your father is an influential person in your life, the man who helped give you your life and who has the power to set you on your life's path.
John Duckworth at the piano, ca. 1960

Dad's Angelic Visitors

An angelic couple move in nearby and bring comfort to a man battling cancer.

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Movies and TV

Faith-Based Dads

In the new movie Soul Surfer, it's the father who looks to the Bible and prayer to help "fix" his daughter.

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Dad Decisions

A new mom learns to have more faith in her husband on his first day alone with their baby.

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Rest, relaxation and renewal
Emotional and Mental Health

Take a Wellness Weekend

How a simple vacation can inspire joy, happiness and a positive attitude.

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Stories of Faith

Rejoice: A Prayer of Thanks for Dad

Thanks, God, for giving me a great dad.     

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Jeff Dyson and his daughter Brooke

The Faith Behind a Father's Promise

How the power of a promise motivated one man to do something about his health.

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Friends and Family

When the End is Near

“Love you, Dad. I’m coming.”

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Stories of Faith

The Time for Hospice

The hospice movement is a caring resource for anyone with ailing loved ones and an answered prayer. But how do you know when?

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Jill Wolpert
Family Problems

Creative Patchwork

A quilter uses her craft to reconnect with her estranged father.

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Stories of Faith

Goodbye for Now

Goodbyes are even worse when you don’t know when or in what circumstances you will see the person again. Where is the prayer in that?

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