Whether he's Daddy, Dad, Pop, Papa, or simply a father figure, your father is an influential person in your life, the man who helped give you your life and who has the power to set you on your life's path.

Devoted Dad

Melvin Mora's inspiring story of tragedy and triumph

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David May and his daughter Amara

His Daughter Inspired Him to Talk the Talk

If not for his daughter, this dad might not have overcome his fear of public speaking.

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Return of the Knuckleball

How Lance Niekro returned to baseball

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Mark Collins' father, William, in 1942
Holiday Devotions

On Memorial Day, Remembering All Who Served

A son recalls his father's service and the sacrifice of those who fought alongside him.

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A woman, viewed from behind, addressing a group of people
Emotional and Mental Health

How to Get Podium Power

Here are 6 tips for overcoming fear of public speaking.

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Out of His Slump

How prayer helped him see that setbacks are only temporary

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Life After Death

After September 11

She lost her husband on September 11th. Reassurance came in ways she never expected.

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Glen and Jonathan


Fatherhood was a role he felt unqualified to fill, but he had the best role-model of all.

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firefighter uniforms, Getty images
True Stories of Answered Prayer

Father's Day Rescue

It's the crisis firefighters worry about most: a child trapped in a burning house.

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An artist's rendering of Linda and her young colleague
Work Life

Forever Young?

An aging baby boomer discovers that true wisdom never goes out of style.

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