Father's Day

Father's Day is a chance to reach out to a man who means so much to us and say those two simple words: thank you.
Father's Day Tribute: Dad's Home Video

Father's Day Tribute: Dad's Home Video

How Associate Editor Adam Hunter's dad captured a very inspiring moment on film.

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Happy Father’s Day

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A father and his military son.
Military Families

7 Reasons Military Dads Are Special

A military mom shares some insights on another subject she knows a lot about–military dads.

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Dad Braiding Classes

Dad Braiding Is Helping Fathers Bond with Their Daughters

This hair salon is offering braiding classes for dads who want to find new ways to connect with their daughters. 

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An illustration of an angel decorating a cake

An Unlikely Birthday Cake

Divine guidance leads a pastor's wife to find the perfect way to regift an unusual Father's Day present.

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4 blessings and prayers for dads on Father's Day
Power of Prayer

4 Blessings for Fathers

Whether you write them in a card or pray them from a distance, these prayers will bless any father (or father figure).

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7 Father's Day stories about a love that never dies
God's Grace

A Father's Love Never Dies

These stories prove a dad’s love never dies, even after he is gone.

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Uplifting Father's Day Quotations
Better Living

Inspiring Quotes for Fathers

On Father's Day, we celebrate and honor dads for their love and guidance. Share and enjoy this collection of quotes about fathers.

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Ghost Racer video about a missed dad will move you.
God's Grace

Ghost Racer Video Offers Comfort Around Loss of a Dad

“Player Two” transforms a gamer’s YouTube comment into an emotional short film about missing a dad.

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Former Good Morning American host David Hartman

Throwback Thursday: David Hartman Honors His Father

In this story from June 1977, actor and broadcaster David Hartman shares how influential his father's faith and positive attiude were on Hartman's own life.

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