Father's Day

Father's Day is a chance to reach out to a man who means so much to us and say those two simple words: thank you.
A family of four.

Father to Be

A single man is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime by adopting four sons–at once.

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Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie
Movies and TV

13 Greatest TV Dads of All Time

As we celebrate Father's Day, we're looking back on those fictional TV dad who taught us so much. Here are the 13 Greatest TV dads of all Time. 

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7 Great Prayers for Fathers
How to Pray

7 Great Prayers for Fathers

For your father or the fathers you know, offer them the best gift of all this Father’s Day: a prayer.

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Our Heavenly Father will never abandon us.
God's Grace

A Heavenly Father Who Is Always with Us

May we spend Father's Day thanking not only our earthly father but our Heavenly Father too!

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Father's Day memories

On Father's Day: Celebrating Charles Clifford Peale

A great-grandfather's life ministry of healing and nurturing shapes generatons of Peales

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What Kind of Father Will My Son Be?

What Kind of Father Will My Son Be?

Peggy Frezon gets insight from how her son cares for his puppy.

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A daughter celebrates her father's appreciation of God's blessings on Father's Day

My Father's Richest Blessing

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The Reverend Doctor Charles Clifford Peale, Norman Vincent Peale's father

Norman Vincent Peale: Father's Day Memories

In honor of Father's Day, we share Guideposts founder Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's fond memories of his father, Charles Clifford Peale.

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan takes inspiration from his wife and five children
Celebrity Stories

Jim Gaffigan: Stand-Up Dad

For this popular comedian, fatherhood is the funniest and most inspiring job in the world...and the most humbling.

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Jorge Jarrin (left) sits with his father in an empty Dodger Stadium

Two Generations of Talking Baseball

After a quarter century as a radio traffic reporter in Southern California, Jorge Jarrin joined his father, Hall of Fame Spanish-language play-by-play man for the Los Angeles Dodgers, in the broadcast booth at Dodger Stadium.

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