Father's Day

Father's Day is a chance to reach out to a man who means so much to us and say those two simple words: thank you.
A Father's Day card that speaks of a "wonderful world"

Satchmo Sang Him Home

An unexpected rendition of her father's favorite song reassures a grieving daughter.

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Celebrity chef Guy Fieri and his father

Guy Fieri: Learning from His Father

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri talks about why his father is his greatest inspiration.

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A woman, viewed from behind, addressing a group of people
Emotional and Mental Health

How to Get Podium Power

Here are 6 tips for overcoming fear of public speaking.

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firefighter uniforms, Getty images
Answered Prayers

Father's Day Rescue

It's the crisis firefighters worry about most: a child trapped in a burning house.

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Kathryn Slattery and her father

My Father's Flag

Flag Day is close to Father's Day, reminding me of Dad's values.

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