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“May your unfailing love be with us, Lord, even as we put our hope in you.” Psalm 33:22 (NIV)

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Daily Guideposts offers a Scripture verse to bless each day of the year, accompanied by an inspiring story that shares the ways God speaks to us through ordinary events in life, and an original prayer to acknowledge God's greatness and ask for His blessing. For a deeper biblical connection, you will find further reflection in the 'Digging Deeper' feature.

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Friday, August 17

Sing to the Lord a new song…. —Psalm 96:1 (NIV)

We need to talk discharge,” the social worker said.  Maggie had been an inpatient for five weeks, three times longer than insurance normally allows.  Being on the unit had triggered panic attacks, a suicide attempt, and rage.  In many ways my daughter was in worse shape than when she was admitted. 

We were told that Maggie couldn’t return to outpatient treatment until she completed a step-down program, yet none of the programs in New York City would take her.  Our choices were to send Maggie to a state facility in the Bronx, which we couldn’t tour and no one would talk about, or to a private program in Connecticut that cost a staggering amount of money.

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