Daily Guideposts 2021

Celebrating over 40 years as America’s favorite annual devotional, Daily Guideposts 2021 offers a Scripture verse to bless each day of the year, accompanied by an inspiring true story that shares the ways God speaks to us through ordinary events in life, as well as an original prayer to acknowledge God's greatness and ask for His blessing. For a deeper biblical connection, you will also find further reflection in the 'Digging Deeper' section offering additional Scripture references.

With more than 20 million copies sold – join our family of readers and writers brought together by a common faith and united by heartfelt prayers.

Every day, Daily Guideposts 2021 offers a Scripture verse to bless your day with the Word of God, accompanied by a true, first-person story told in an informal, conversational style, that shares the ways God speaks to us in the ordinary events of life, and an original prayer to acknowledge God's greatness and ask for His blessing. Plus, for those who wish for a deeper biblical connection in their quiet time, the 'Digging Deeper' feature provides additional Scripture for further reflection.

In just five minutes a day, Daily Guideposts 2021 helps you find the spiritual richness in your life every day of the year. You'll find all this and more in this years’ theme, He Performs Wonders:

  • Catch up with your favorite authors and meet our new contributors in "Fellowship Corner."
  • Use the handy Scripture Reference and Authors, Titles, and Subject Index to find the exact inspiration you are seeking.
  • Use the “He Performs Wonders" diary section to write down your own spiritual discoveries.

Enjoy writers like Edward Grinnan, Rick Hamlin, Julia Attaway, Elizabeth Sherrill, and Marci Alborghetti. Welcome newcomer Chaplain Ken Sampson. Each one of the writers offers discoveries on what it means to them to rest in God's hands.

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Daily Guideposts 2021

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