Sound Principles for Successful Money Management

Being prepared—secure, confident, and ready—is critical to our Armed Forces calling. When our "financial house" is in chaos, most other areas of life soon follow.

This booklet provides expert insights into breaking poor money management habits and overcoming the financial strains of deployments and unforeseen emergencies.

Financial Readiness booklet.

It's Never Too Late To Get Started!

Click the image below for a few words from Kenneth L. Sampson, Chaplain (Colonel) US Army (Retired)

Guideposts and Wells Fargo have joined in partnership to create and distribute financial education material to the military. Financial Readiness is filled with useful tips and worksheets aimed at helping our veterans and returning troops increase their financial know-how.

Financial Readiness includes expert advice on these topics and more!

  • Banking Basics
  • Making Savings A Habit
  • Smart Spending
  • Budget Tips
  • Using Credit Wisely
  • Saving vs. Investing
  • Planning For Retirement
  • Financial Resource Page
  • PLUS! an inspirational Guideposts story of one veteran’s successful transition from military service to business owner


Financial Readiness

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