Football games inspire us in many ways, from the joy of watching our team win to the inspiration of players who live by values we admire.
Rashad carries the ball during a game against the Cleveland Browns in 2016.
Family Problems

How Former NFL Player Rashad Jennings Connected With His Dad

Longing for his father’s approval, the running back first had to understand his father’s dreams.

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ESPN broadcaster Maria Taylor
Stories of Faith

How Sports Broadcaster Maria Taylor's Faith Helps Her Stay Grounded

The groundbreaking sportscaster has seen ups and downs in her life and career, but her relationship with God helps keep her feet on the ground.

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Coach Keith Johnson gives his undivided attention to his young players.
People Helping People

A Football Coach Guides His Players to the Right Path

A football coach reaches out to at-risk youth and teaches them that winning isn't the priority, God is.

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Travis Rudolph lunches with his new friend, Bo Paske

Football Player Travis Rudolph's Gesture of Kindness Is Going Viral

The Florida State player made an autistic student's day when he joined the boy for lunch in a middle-school cafeteria.

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Ben and Karyn with their daughters, Katriel, Haven, Amy Joan and Elleora

Ben Utecht on 'You Will Always Be My Girls'

Watch former NFL player Ben Utecht, who lives with memory loss from concussions, explain the inspiration behind his song and viral video. Read more about Ben in his Guideposts magazine cover story and in his new book, "Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away."

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Ben and Karyn with their daughters, Katriel, Haven, Amy Joan and Elleora
Coping With Illness

Former NFL Star Ben Utecht on Dealing with Memory Loss

Football and family were the focus of Ben Utecht's life, but now the injuries he suffered while playing the game he loved threaten to take him away from the people he cares for most.

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Guideposts: Quarterback Archie Manning, early in his football career

Guideposts Classics: Archie Manning on Family and Faith

In this story from December 1973, former quarterback Archie Manning, father to Super Bowl-winning QBs Peyton and Eli Manning, shares how important his parents were in guiding him toward success and faith in God.

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Caleb Castille plays Tony Nathan in the new movie Woodlawn.
Movies and TV

'Woodlawn' Brings Faith to the Football Field

Actor Caleb Castille, who nabbed the role of legendary running back Tony Nathan, describes the call that changed his life and why the film might "change our culture."

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Guideposts: NFL Hall of Famer and sports broadcaster Frank Gifford

Remembering a Legend: Frank Gifford in 'Guideposts'

In this story from November 1957, the NFL Hall of famer and sports commentator shares the vital role that prayer played in his football career.

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Smith prays with Kevan Barlow (left) and Anthony Adams in the locker room before a game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Faith and Football with Earl Smith

After 23 years as chaplain in a maximum security prison, Earl Smith ministers to two very different groups of men: the newly crowned NBA champion Golden State Warriors and the NFL's San Francisco 49ers.

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