Football games inspire us in many ways, from the joy of watching our team win to the inspiration of players who live by values we admire.
Benjamin Watson, his wife, Kirsten, and their four children
Emotional and Mental Health

An NFL Star's Inspiring New Game Plan

He wanted to be the best. But even the best was never good enough, and it tormented him.

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Jack Hoffman scores a touchdown

A Gridiron Dream Realized

A young fan battling cancer scores a TD in the Nebraska Cornhuskers' 2013 spring game.

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Colonel Greg Gadson
Finding Life Purpose

The Faith to Stand Tall

Returning soldiers face incredible adversity. This one found the faith to grow strong in it.

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Amy Wong, a positive thinking blogger
Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Tips: Be Excited About Where You Are

A lesson in positive thinking from the NFL playoffs.

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Eric LeGrand with former Rugers coach Greg Schiano
Managing Life Changes

Inspired to Walk Again

Eric LeGrand's football career ended in tragedy. Or at least that's what everybody thought.

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Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan and his dog, Millie
Positive Living

The Blessing of Education

I make this pilgrimage to remind myself of how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to learn, to be taught.

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Jan Thomas at the football field named after her late husband
Positive Living

One Simple Step Toward Forgiveness

How could she face the family of the young man who murdered her husband?

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A single gray cloud in an otherwise blue sky
Life After Death

Mysterious Ways: Showered with Love

A brief rainstorm assures a wife that her departed husband is there for her.

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Laura Vikmanis
Emotional and Mental Health

Faith, Family, Football for NFL's Oldest Cheerleader

Having escaped an abusive husband, she set her sights on an inspiring goal.

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Tyree makes "The Catch"
Addiction and Recovery

How David Tyree's Faith Helped Him Turn Away from Drugs and Alcohol

The former NFL player credits God for his recovery from addiction.

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