Friends and Family

What is a family? Sometimes your family includes friends who stand by you in every season of life. The heart of your family might also be your marriage, or the meaning and purpose you derive from parenting, caregiving, or even loving the pets who never let you down.
Opening a present

Why the Wait Is Worth It

Don’t rush God when you’re impatient for something to happen. His timing is always perfect.

Love and Devotion: Linda wasn't sure if she would ever get a dog again.

The Inmate Service Dog Trainer

Would a companion dog trained by a prisoner work for her?

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Elderly man with a laundry basket full of clothes.

After Retirement, Being a Caregiver Was the Right Choice

He still had something to give after retiring and choosing the caregiving path made all the difference in the world.

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Sheep colored by Sherri Byrd, Weatherford, Texas

A Collection of All Creatures Illustrations, Colored by Our Readers

Here's a collection of illustrations from the back cover of All Creatures magazine, each colored by one of our creative and talented readers.

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Nina Roedeler has helped Friends with Four Paws grow to transporting 30 dogs each month. She doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

She Helps Rescue Dogs from Oklahoma Find Homes in New York City

Nina Roedeler organizes rescue transports each month for Friends with Four Paws, connecting pups who were saved from high-kill shelters in Oklahoma with New Yorkers eager to give those pups a forever home.

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Friends on the beach

The Blessing of Supportive Friends

A writer’s appreciation of all the encouragement she has received during her career.

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An everything bagel

The Everything Bagel Mystery

To her surprise, a daughter comes up with the perfect birthday card for her carb-craving dad.

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3 Bible Verses About God’s Presence

3 Bible Verses About God’s Presence

No matter what we go through—illness, financial difficulties or broken dreams—knowing that God is with us can make all the difference.

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Facing fear

When Fear Becomes Overwhelming

God will interrupt our lives in the most unexpected moments to offer encouragement.

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Koko cuddles with a feline friend

Remembering Koko, the Beloved Gorilla Who Learned to Communicate via Sign Language

Koko, the gorilla who learned sign language and touched hearts around the world with her expressions of emotion and empathy, has passed away at 46.

Baking cookies

Where the Best Gifts Come From

Baking sweet treats for a friend brings on an appreciation of life’s blessings.

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A smiling woman at the wheel of her car

When God Smiled During a Traffic Jam

A military mom finds peace while stuck in her car during rush hour.

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Actress Brooks Shields

Guideposts Classics: Brooke Shields' 4 Tips for Helping a Friend Cope with Depression

In this story from August 2005, the actress, who lost a dear friend to suicide, shares the lessons she learned from that experience—and from her own struggle with depression.

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Finding Hope in an Animal Sanctuary

Finding Hope in an Animal Sanctuary

How a visit to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is changing lives.

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