6 Best Friends and Family Stories

From de-cluttering tips to parenting advice, discover the most popular stories about friends and family

Posted in , Mar 7, 2018

A happy family of parents, grandmother and children gather in the kitchen

From parenting to caregiving to finding a place for a furry friend, family life has many facets, and we've got them all covered in Friends and Family. Here are five of our most popular stories...

Lester Holt: How Family and Faith Have Influenced His Career
The respected and award-winning NBC Nightly News anchor discusses the role that his supportive, church-going family continues to impact the work he was called to do.

Gone Fishin'
Beth Moore, evangelist, author and founder of Living Proof Ministries, shares a tale of a time when her husband couldnt' give her the affirmation that she wanted and needed.

Jen Hatmaker on the Benefits of Positive Parenting
The popular author and mother of five shares how her positive approach to life impacts her parenting.

My Prayer Shawl
A woman fearful over a pending surgery she must undergo wishes she had the comforting prayer shawl she gave away some months ago. That's when a friend hundreds of miles away stepped up.

4 Ways to Clear Clutter from a Lifelong Home
Caregivers are often faced with the additional challenge of relocating their loved ones from a home they've lived in for decades. Holly Lebowitz Rossi shares some tips for beginning the process paring down lifetime of possessions.

A Sign She Was the Right Dog
A women with four dogs wonders if she should has room for a fifth canine friend. A teacup poodle named Faith convinced her the answer was yes.

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