Caregivers are a special breed of hero. Family caregivers put their loved ones' needs above their own every single day. But caregivers know all too well that caregiving can be exhausting without solid boundaries and self-care strategies. Be encouraged--with the right techniques in place, caregiver burnout can be a thing of the past.

This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

Wendy Borden beat breast cancer, now she's delivering healthy meals to those fighting life threatening illnesses. 

Kathryn Cron

She Kept Her Mom's Promise to Honor Her Mother and Father

She feared her life as a caregiver would be limited. Instead, it provided an opportunity to forge a loving relationship with her grandfather.

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10 Inspiring Caregiver Stories

From celebrities and professional caregivers to everyday people taking care of loved ones suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia and other illnesses, here are the stories that left us feeling hopeful and gave us a renewed appreciation for caregivers. 

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A smiling mature couple

7 Ways for a Caregiving Couple to Keep Their Marriage Strong

Caregivers naturally place a great deal of focus on loved ones who require care, but "couple care" is important, too. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your marriage healthy.

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Lynda and Carlos have time now for walks around their favorite lake.

Restoring a Marriage After Years of Caregiving

After caring for an aging parent and an addicted son, they discovered that their marriage was in need of some tender loving care.

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a group of people in a huddle

3 Ways to Support Caregivers

Expert Peter Rosenberger shares his advice on how we can support the caregivers in our community

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Adult daughter embracing her senior citizen father

Wandering 911: What To Do When a Person with Dementia Goes Missing

When a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or dementia disorder goes missing, take action with these steps immediately.

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Daughter comforting her senior father

Help For Managing Wandering Behaviors: Proactive Steps That Could Make A Difference

Learn how to prepare and cope with wandering symptoms from Alzheimer's disease and dementia disorder to keep your loved ones out of harm's way.

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A senior man with a hand on his shoulder

Six Signs Someone with Alzheimer’s Might Wander: These Triggers Could Put Individuals At Risk

It's important to be familiar with these symptoms of Alzheimer's and what actions to take to prevent wandering from happening.

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A woman assists her mother in taking a stroll outside

How to Ask Others for Help With Caregiving

If you're a caregiver who feels as though you're carrying a heavy load alone, here are some ways you can ask friends and family to chip in.

Caregiving Hacks to Make Life Easier

10 Caregiving Hacks to Make Life Easier

If you are caring for a parent or loved one, these simple, easy hacks can make a world of difference.

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A smiling young woman assists her mother, who is dealing with Alzheimer's

7 Tips for Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

If you are caring for someone with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, here are several tips from professional caregivers that we hope might help lighten your load a little bit.

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Melanie with her mom, Linda, who battles Alzheimer’s

Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer's

Her job working with seniors gave her the training she hoped she'd never need: Caring for her mother who had dementia.

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A senior man at the wheel of a car

Conditions That Can Put the Brakes on Driving

It's important to be familiar with the medical conditions that impact a senior loved one's ability to drive—and which adaptive strategies may help them stay behind the wheel.

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