6 Fun, Flexible and Fulfilling Unretirement Jobs

Many retirees today choose to stay busy; that often includes getting a part-time or full-time job. Work as a caregiver or a driver or consider one of these other vocations.

Posted in , Oct 25, 2018

A retiree who now works as a counselor speaks to some of her young clients

Emily Ireton, Pat Crosby and Carolyn Adkins are part of a growing trend of people unretiring, or going back to work after retirement. A survey published in 2017 by the nonprofit RAND Corporation showed that nearly 40 percent of currently employed workers 65 and older had retired previously. Are you considering returning to work? Take a look at these popular unretirement jobs, and search retirementjobs.com for opportunities in your area.

Driver: If you like being on the road and chatting with new people, driving for a car or ride-share service could be a good fit.
Unretirement benefits: Little training. Lots of variety. No office.
Where to look: Contact the company you’d like to drive for.

Caregiver: Thrive on building relationships and want to make a difference in the lives of older people? Senior care can make a satisfying encore career.
Unretirement benefits: On-thejob training. Flexible schedules. Meaningful work.
Where to look: Check out homeinstead.com/guideposts.

Retail Salesperson: Do you stop at the hardware store, the craft shop or a unique boutique every chance you get? Why not work there?
Unretirement benefits: Employee discounts. Flexible hours. Fun venue.
Where to look: Apply at your favorite store. Keep an eye out for “Now Hiring” signs, especially at holidays.

Tour or Museum Guide: If you’re a history buff or culture connoisseur, becoming a tour or museum guide can put your knowledge to work.
Unretirement benefits: Flexibility. Rewarding subject matter.
Where to look: Check with local museums, parks or tour companies.

Childcare Worker/Mentor: Love being around children? You might find working in childcare or serving as a mentor particularly gratifying.
Unretirement benefits: Minimal training. Bonding with kids.
Where to look: Ask at your community center or school.

Clergy/Counselor: Clergy and counseling were listed as the two most enjoyable occupations for older workers in a 2017 Urban Institute study. For good reason: These professions allow you to help others and build long-lasting relationships.
Unretirement benefits: Emotional and spiritual fulfillment.
Where to look: Go to your faith community to learn more.

Visit unretireyourself.com to take the “What’s Your Job Type?” quiz and find more resources on unretirement.

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