Aging Parents

The Family-Friendly Comedy of Jim Breuer

The Family-Friendly Comedy of Jim Breuer

Comedian Jim Breuer talks about the humorous side of being both a dad and a caregiver for his father, and tells the story behind his recent special, Jim Breuer: Comic Frenzy,  on the EPIX network.

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Caring for her diabetic father helped Tammy overcome her fears

Caring for a Father After Heart Surgery

A daughter shares how caring for her diabetic father following his heart surgery strengthened her faith and calmed her fears.

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Her mother's depression gave Marni Rader a chance to return the love and support she'd known

Time to Heal from Depression

Depression. It’s a hidden problem for the aging. How one daughter stepped in to save her mother

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Caregiving hands.

Living Love as a Caregiver

Three pieces of advice from a family whose roles changed overnight.

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A middle-aged brother and sister discuss the parents' medical care with a doctor.

Sharing the Care with Your Siblings

Here are some tips to help adult offspring work together to look after their aging parents.

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Rebecca and her dad. “He’s not the type to sit around,” she says.

Back on the Ranch

After Dad’s stroke we kids all wanted the best for him. But only I knew the real reason he insisted on returning home.

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Aging parents

5 Things to Discuss with Your Aging Parents Today

Early conversations with older parents can ease the process of planning for the future

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Margaret Berberich tends to her ailing father, a man she once deeply resented.

Forgiving the Sins of the Father

All my life I had feared my father.  But becoming his caregiver gave me the opportunity to see him in a different light—and forgive.

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younger woman holding a senior woman's hands

Mysterious Ways: Home Away from Home

I lived miles away from my family. Who was watching out for them?

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Donna Teti

Placing Mom's Care in Good Hands

Was a nursing home the best choice for her mother? Her brain said yes but her heart resisted.

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Carolyn Jones and her son David

Guided by God to Let Go

Give up her car keys? Her independence? Her dignity? Not so fast!

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Amy Grant with her father

A Man of Faith's Last Great Lesson

Like so many of us with aging parents, singer Amy Grant is fighting to hold on to her father.

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