Caregiver Burnout

a young woman doctor in front of a CAT scan machine

4 Tips to Help Caregivers of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

These four tips will aid caregivers as they shepherd their loved one through the life-changing ordeal of traumatic brain injuries. 

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Caregiver overcoming guilt over mom's alzheimers disease

Overcoming Caregiver Guilt

Peter Rosenberger offers relief for caregivers overwhelmed by stress and guilt.

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A caregiver holding the hand of a loved one.

10 Bible Verses for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Carefully selected Bible verses to give comfort and strength to Alzheimer's caregivers.

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Dwayne Johnson shares about his mother's battle with lung cancer - Guideposts

11 Celebrity Caregivers Share Inspiring Lessons

From action stars to bestselling authors and TV personalities, here are a few celebrity caregivers sharing encouraging words of wisdom from their own experiences. 

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A young caregiver looks after an elderly loved one.

Taking Care of Yourself While Caring for Others

Being a caregiver is a loving act, but it's important that you see to your own needs as well—for your own sake and for the person you're caring for. Here are some tips for doing just that.

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A daughter holds her aging mother

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

This excerpt from The Caregiver's Companion by Carolyn A. Brent offers 3 ways to stay healthy while caring for a loved one.

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young woman caring for an elderly woman

9 Inspirational Quotes for Caregivers

Let these uplifting words encourage you on your journey.

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Caregiver's Prayer for Compassion

A Prayer for Compassion

She cared for her loving husband... and as his health declined she found God's help to endure.

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Prayer to Battle Caregiver Burnout

A Prayer to Battle Caregiver Burnout

A prayer to support those who selflessly give their love, support and care.

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Kim Campbell, wife of musician Glen Campbell

Gentle on Her Mind

Alzheimer’s had taken so much from Glen Campbell…and from his wife. Caring for him was the one thing she had left.

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A young person's hand encloses an elderly person's hands.

Caring for a Loved One with Late-Stage Dementia

Content provided by Home Instead Senior Care

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Caregivers Thinkstock

The Unsung Heroes: Taking Care of the Caregiver

Betsy Broyles Arnold and Kailen Rosenberg share how we can show love to those caring for people with Alzheimer's. 

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