Sandwich Generation

Are you a member of the sandwich generation? Perhaps you are caring for aging parents and young children at the same time, feeling wedged between two giant categories of responsibility, worry, and task management. Sandwich generation issues are very common, and they are manageable if you have adequate support and self-care built into your daily routines.
A sandwich generation daughter embraces her elderly mother with comfort.

8 Ways for Caregivers to Take Care of Themselves

Tired of living in a state of high alert as a caregiver? Try these simple ways to take a break and re-charge without guilt.

sandwich generation: 5 caregiving tips to make life easier

Sandwich Generation: 5 Caregiving Tips to Make Life Easier

Caring for kids and parents at the same time is tough. These tried and true tips will help take off some pressure.

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10 ways to help the sandwich generation

10 Ways to Bless the Sandwich Generation

Parents are often playing the role of caregivers to older family members as well. Here’s how you can help.

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This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

Wendy Borden beat breast cancer, now she's delivering healthy meals to those fighting life threatening illnesses. 

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Kathryn Cron

She Kept Her Mom's Promise to Honor Her Mother and Father

She feared her life as a caregiver would be limited. Instead, it provided an opportunity to forge a loving relationship with her grandfather.

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Lynda and Carlos have time now for walks around their favorite lake.

Restoring a Marriage After Years of Caregiving

After caring for an aging parent and an addicted son, they discovered that their marriage was in need of some tender loving care.

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Melanie with her mom, Linda, who battles Alzheimer’s

Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer's

Her job working with seniors gave her the training she hoped she'd never need: Caring for her mother who had dementia.

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Peter, his wife, Nova, and their twin daughters, Sophie and Lily, surround his dad with lots of love.

A New Caregiver Learns to Lean on Family

His father was growing more frail and in need of assistance. But between his two jobs, his marriage and his kids, where would he find the time and energy to do right by his dad?

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An artist's rendering of Deborah's burly, bearded angel

An Angel in Disguise

Would this burly, bearded man in a black leather vest prove to be heaven-sent?

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A basket of folded, freshly cleaned laundry

An Overwhelmed Caregiver Is Reminded That She's Not Alone

A baby to care for and an elderly mother-in-law to watch over. Sometimes it seemed like too much.

Mother grandmother kid

4 Tips from a Mother Caregiving for Her Mother

When an elderly parent moves in, success depends on flexibility.

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Writing book

What's Your Story?

Find the faith to determine what God created you to do.

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