Friends singing around a piano

Choir Brings Caregivers and Dementia Patients Together

Several choirs have opened their doors to people with memory loss—and research shows the benefits abound.

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A multicultural woman driving en route to her loved one.

4 Tips to Make Long-Distance Caregiving More Effective

Bridge the gap with these helpful resources to give the very best of yourself to your loved one.

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A young caregiver tells a story to a loved one in a nursing home.

4 Ways that Storytelling Benefits Older People and Their Caregivers

Encouraging older relatives to share their life stories benefits everyone

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A young woman using her cell phone as a source of information.

Technology Helps Caregivers, But It’s No Substitute for Human Interaction

Cell phones, laptops and other devices can be resources for caregivers

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An adult son going out for a walk in the park with his senior father alongside his much younger son.

Caregiving for a Loved One Brings Challenges, But Offers Rewards

The right resources can help you focus on the more positive aspects on taking care of a loved one

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Allison with her husband, Dave

Her Husband Had a Stroke When He Was 30

She was pregnant with their first child. How would she navigate the challenges that lay ahead?

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Allison Pataki with her husband, Dave

Allison Pataki on How Her Marriage Survived Her Husband's Stroke

In this pair of videos, writer Allison Pataki describes the effects her husband’s stroke at age 30 had on their marriage and how they have now become closer than ever.

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A young music therapist works with a senior woman with dementia

Why Music Therapy is a Powerful Tool for Individuals with Dementia

From easing anxiety to improving cognitive function, discover the many benefits of music therapy.

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A senior man enjoys a nutritional meal

How to Prevent Malnutrition in Older Adults

Many seniors are at risk for malnutrition as they age. Follow these tips to help your loved ones get the nutrients they need.

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A senior woman, her daughter and granddaughter make holiday cookies

5 Tips for Minimizing Holiday Stress as a Caregiver

Follow this practical advice for caregivers to help make the holidays a little less hectic

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A senior woman and her adult daughter go over plans in case of emergency

3 Ways to Plan for a Loved One’s Care in the Event of Disaster

Conversations with your loved one and careful planning can make difficult days easier

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Debbie Macomber: Generosity Through Caregiving

Debbie Macomber: Generosity Through Caregiving

We should return the love that our parents have given us, says Debbie Macomber.

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