Families come in all shapes and sizes. Blended families bring both richness and complexity to both the large and very small aspects of family life. But even if family problems weigh heavily on your heart, rest assured that you can find a way to improve the love and connection within your family.

Call for help

A Military Family Calls in Reinforcements

Sometimes, in the middle of a spiritual war zone, you need to pick up the phone for help.

Feeding a son returning from military deployment

Feeding My Son

A military mom better understands God’s generosity as she welcomes home her deployed son.

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Working parent

On Working Parents Day, Don’t Forget Military Families

How you can help parents in your community who also serve in the military or the reserves.

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Proud military family

Beyond Fear–Finding Pride and Peace

Military moms experience a wave of emotions when their children enlist. Here are a few.

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Handprints of love

Handprints of Love

A lasting impression left on the hearts of adoring grandparents

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Marine saluting flag

Feeling God’s Love on 9/11

A military mom remembers a day that changed her family’s life.

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Love like a child

A Child-Like Love

Children can offer us the best examples of how to look at the world.

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Andrew in the garden with his son, Marty, and wife Kathy

A Small Piece of Heaven: The Joys of Gardening

Listen as husband and father of two Andrew Siegel, having started small by growing a single tomato plant years ago, explains why he now finds great joy in time spent in the garden with his family.

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Parents of a soldier

How a Military Mom Learned to Trust God

When a son enlists, a mother’s urge to be in control is challenged.

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How to support a military spouse

Challenges of a Military Spouse

Whether their loved one is on active duty, in the reserves or deployed, the spouse at home needs special consideration, too.

How to avoid potholes in life

How to Avoid Potholes in Life

A military mom learns to steer her way around life’s obstacles, not toward them.

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Mom making a phone call

When to Hold Back and Rest in Faith

An overprotective military mom learns when not to call her son’s base to check on his health.

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Simple joy of family time

Simple Joys of Time with Family

After a whirlwind trip, a grandmother returns home tired but with a heart brimming with blessings.

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A woman turns to writing after the death of her mother.

A Source of Comfort in a Time of Grieving

A disconsolate daughter finds solace in writing about her late mother.

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