3 Positive Ways to Deal with Stress

During a chaotic move, learning to detach and step back from emotions makes a huge difference.

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Moving day

We are moving this week. The packing has gone relatively smoothly, though the logistics of getting things from one place to another are complex. 

1)  I remind myself: Expect glitches.
If I anticipate that there will be bumps in the road, I’m less likely to be rattled when unanticipated problems arise. 

Boxes are everywhere and our daily routines are a wreck. My kids are stressed by the upheaval.

2)  I remind myself: Expect irritability.
 Almost everyone reverts to old habits in times of stress, and if I remember to view flaring tempers through the lens of their need for stability, I’m less likely to get stressed, myself.

We can’t find things we need, and I’m physically exhausted and emotionally drained. My brain is fried from making decisions.

3)  I remind myself: This is a short-term problem.
Nothing moving-related is a matter of life or death. It is not even dangerous. Yes, it’s annoying and inconvenient and complicated and crazy-making. But whatever difficulties I encounter this week will be largely gone and forgotten by next month.

For me, stepping back to view challenges with a bit of detachment makes a huge difference. It helps me remember that resolving sticky situations usually isn’t about control, but about flexibility and perspective. And besides, God is with me. He is with me wherever I go, whether things move smoothly or not. That much, at least, is certain.

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