3 Spiritual Tips from My Mother

A son admires his mother's singular faith—expressed more in actions than words.

Posted in , May 9, 2018

Mother and son walking on beach

Unlike my father and me, my mother, Maria, is reserved. She is not the type to preach in church or be loud about her beliefs, but she lives out her faith in her own way. However, when with family, she is known to offer great spiritual tips and counsel. At times, she provides these through words, but most often, she teaches us through her actions. On this Mother’s Day, I celebrate her by sharing a few of the spiritual tips that she has passed on to me.

1)  Always a Grateful Heart

When I was younger, my mother would sing hymns while doing house chores. It didn’t matter what the circumstances were, she always found a way to praise and be thankful to God, and she still continues to do so today. Through her acts of praise, she has taught me to be grateful at all times and for all things. In good or bad times, a grateful song flows from her heart.

2)  Always a Prayer for the Sick or Troubled

Whenever she, a family member or friend is sick or going through a hard time, my mom turns to prayer. There isn’t a problem or situation too big or too small for God. She takes her troubles and burdens to the Lord, who is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine. When I was a little boy and had a bad case of chickenpox, she tenderly cared and prayed for me. Her motto is “pray at all times.”

3)  Never a Grudge

My mother doesn’t hold grudges or speaks badly of anyone. Throughout the years, I have been deeply impacted by her love and forgiving spirit. When people speak negatively about others, my mother won’t get involved. Through her respect and care for others, I have learned that love covers a multitude of sins, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. More importantly, express love through your words and actions.

I’m blessed to have such a wonderful mother, who continues to impart her wisdom and life teachings. What was the best spiritual lesson your mother taught you? Please share with us.

God, we thank you for the wisdom, love and care that mothers give to their families. Bless them on this day and always.

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