A God Who Is Always There

Turning a kid loose for his first day of kindergarten is hard on a mama, until she remembers God's prescence.

Posted in , Aug 13, 2015

Anxious parents, remember that God is everywhere, even in the classroom.

A mama remembers that day many years ago when she dropped her son, Jeremy, off at kindergarten. He was ready. She was not. But then she realized, God was there, in that classroom...

A Facebook post earlier this week from one of my sweet friends brought tears to my eyes. She shared about taking her precious daughter for her first day of kindergarten. The daughter was bounce-off-the-wall excited as she walked into her classroom with her new outfit and cute book bag—the mama, not so much. She shared how she “lost it” as she walked out the door that day, leaving her sweet girl behind.

Those few simple words made memories flood back to the day many years ago when I took my oldest son, Jeremy, for his first day of kindergarten. We’d met his teacher and she seemed nice, but I was leaving what was most precious in the world to me with someone who was basically a stranger.

Shucks, hadn’t I warned my children about talking to strangers? And now I was going to leave him with one? My mama-heart had a hard time with that one.       

August is National Get Ready for Kindergarten Month, and I’d spent months preparing Jeremy for his kindergarten adventure. I’d showed him where the bus would drop him off at the end of each day. We’d talked about where he’d get on it at school. We talked about the cafeteria, expected behavior, what to do if he felt sick, what to do if he needed to go to the restroom, the fun he’d have on the playground, and so on.

And we’d spent months of getting him ready by learning his colors, shapes and other things that a child needs to know when he gets to kindergarten. Jeremy was excited when he learned our neighbor’s son, David, would be in the same classroom. They’d played together almost every day since they were born, so it helped knowing someone familiar would be there with him.

When that first day of kindergarten rolled around, Jeremy was ready. I was not.

I remember walking him into his classroom that day, biting my tongue to keep from crying. I looked at him and David happily chattering in their seats, hugged Jeremy goodbye, and walked out the door. Leaving him was truly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and the tears started the minute I stepped out the door . . . and continued through the parking lot . . . and all the way home.

Turning loose is tough stuff.

But then my Father sent exactly what I needed that day as I realized that the God who had taken care of Jeremy every day since he was born, would still be taking care of him each day. And even though I wouldn’t be there with him—God would.

What a precious reassurance that day—and all the days since. I’m so grateful for a God who is always there.

And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

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